Main Street ND Community Proclamation

Main Street ND Community Proclamation

Whereas,  the City of Valley City has made a commitment to developing a healthy, vibrant community through fiscally responsible planning and attracting the talent needed to support our growing economy; and

Whereas, this development has included actively working to differentiate and enhance the quality of life for residents through new and planned civic spaces and projects to enhance walkability; and

Whereas, innovative partnerships and planning have led to more efficient development and infrastructure through new and planned mixed-use development and in-fill; and

Whereas, the City of Valley City has committed to increasing the amount of community programming to expand resident and visitor experiences to increase vibrancy in the city; and

Therefore, Be it resolved that I, Dave Carlsrud, President of the Valley City Commission, do hereby proclaim on this day, January 15, 2019, that the City of Valley City shall join the Governor’s Main Street ND initiative and be known as a Main Street ND Community.

Let this proclamation support the continued success and efforts of our commission, staff, businesses and residents in creating a vibrant, engaged community.

Dave Carlsrud,  Commission President
January 15, 2019


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