October is Energy Efficiency Awareness Month

Valley City Public Works. Serving Valley City Since 1883 (Logo)

During the month of October, Valley City Public Works will be hanging 2 LED bulbs on each customer’s door along with energy-efficient information.

Thanks to improved technology and falling prices, energy-efficient lighting just makes sense.

Over its lifetime, one ENERGY STAR certified light bulb can save you up to $80 in electricity costs, compared to the standard incandescent bulbs that produce the same brightness. Consider that the average U.S. household has about 40 bulbs, the savings is significant. The new bulbs will last 10 to 25 times longer.

A wide variety of shapes and sizes mean that they are available for almost any application – including recessed cans, track lighting, table lamps and candelabras. Dimmable LED lights are available too.

To learn more about rebates for ENERGY STAR lighting and other energy-efficient equipment, call Valley City Public Works today at (701) 845-0380 or visit https://www.brightenergysolutions.com/valleycity

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