12.1.2020 Commission Meeting Minutes

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 5:00 PM.

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Erickson, and Commissioner Gulmon.

Others present: City Administrator Crawford, City Attorney Martineck, Finance Director Richter, City Assessor Hansen, PW Accountant/Manager Jacobson, Fire Chief Magnuson, Police Chief Hatcher, Chad Petersen from KLJ, Deputy Auditor Klein, Gloria Swart, Jennifer Feist, Tesa Klein.

Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Bishop moved to approve the November 17th, 2020 minutes seconded by Commissioner Gulmon.  Motion carried.

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Approve Monthly Reports from the Fire Chief, Building Inspector, Auditor, Municipal Judge and Public Works Accountant.
  2. Approve Monthly Bills for the City and Public Works in the Amount of $1,482,996.62.
  3. Approve 2021 Pawn Shop License for Northwestern Industries.
  4. Approve 2021 Tree Trimming and Removal License for
    1. Johnny B’s Trees and Service.
    1. Z’s Trees
    1. Mike’s Construction and Repair
    1. Ground to Sky
  5. Approve 2021 Vehicles for Hire License for South Central Adult Services.         
  6. Approve Block off Street Request for Our Savior’s Lutheran Church on December 24, 2020 on 3rd St. NW between 2nd Ave NW and alley or Central for a Christmas Event mini-worship gathering on 12/24/2020.
  7. Approve Permit to Sell L.P. Gas for CBF Oil, Inc. dba Vining Oil & Propane.
  8. Approve Raffle Permit for The Sharp Shooter Showdown for the date of January 30th, 2021 at the Eagles.

Commissioner Gulmon moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Erickson.  Motion carried.


1.  Approve second and final reading of Ordinance No. 1067, an Ordinance creating and enacting Section 19-01-08 of Valley City Municipal Code re penalty for violation of City emergency orders. (City Attorney Martineck)

City Attorney Martineck stated no changes from the first reading.

President Carlsrud asked if there are any thoughts regarding the enforcement.

City Attorney Martineck stated it is a criminal offense so if someone in the community observed an offense they can report that to law enforcement.  It would then be evaluated for enforcement anything up to a summons to come to court.  It’s an infraction with a maximum penalty of a $1,000 fine, which is following state policy.  That’s not just for this emergency order, it’s for any emergency order.

Commissioner Magnuson motioned to approve, seconded by Commissioner Bishop.  Motion carried.

2.  Approve second and final reading of Ordinance No. 1068, an Ordinance Amending and Reenacting Sections 8-06-07 and 8-06-12 of the Valley City Municipal Code, related to removal of stumps and renewal of licenses.  (City Attorney Martineck)

City Attorney Martineck stated no changes from the first reading.  It’s stating stumps need to be removed at the same time as the tree.  There is a possible penalty for non-compliance such non-renewal or suspension of the tree trimming license.  There is a three week grace period.

Commissioner Erickson questioned if it was stated if the stump needed to be removed if it wasn’t diseased.

City Attorney Martineck responded that it wasn’t but it is an option.

Commissioner Bishop stated he was contacted by some that do the tree removal asking if it would be possible to have 30 days to remove the stump.  Their reasoning is because they take a bunch of trees down, haul them out and then come back to take care of the stumps.

Commissioner Magnuson recommended to make a provision for four weeks and leaving the stump if it’s not a diseased tree but it needs be something that wouldn’t be an eyesore.

City Administrator Crawford stated the companies should be calling the locates before they cut down the tree that way it’s done.  The only problem with the 30 days is at the end of the summer when our temporary forester is done and the Assistant Fire Chief is left trying to chase down all the remaining stumps making sure they get removed.

City Attorney Martineck stated what he has is diseased stumps will be removed as set forth in section 8-06-06 subsection 6 no later than 4 weeks following the removal of any tree.

Commissioner Bishop moved to approve, seconded by Commissioner Erickson.  Motion carried.

New Business

1.  Approve Special Alcohol Event Permit for Bridges Bar and Grill at North Dakota Winter Show for Cattleman’s Ball and Sale on December 4th-6th, 2020 (City Auditor Richter)

Commissioner Erickson motioned to approve, seconded by Commissioner Gulmon.  Motion carried.

2.  Approve the Scoring & Ranking Criteria for the Main Street Program.  (Jennifer Feist)

Jennifer Feist stated this is related to the Main Street program.  The first year we only had one applicant so any funding would have went to that applicant.  This is a 10 year program so we need to have scoring and criteria in place.   

Commissioner Gulmon motioned to approve, seconded by Commissioner Bishop.  Motion carried.

3.  Approve Valley City Water Purchase Agreement.  (City Administrator Crawford)

City Administrator Crawford stated the agreement in the packet was approved by the BRW but there were two properties in question that don’t match to what the agreement outlines.  They have a base rate and PW would like to leave those two as is.  If that tis okay we need to change it in the agreement and send back to BRW for approval.

Commissioner Magnuson motioned to approve, seconded by Commissioner Bishop.  Motion carried.

4.  Approve State Water Commission Agreement for Cost-Share Reimbursement for Mill Dam Rehabilitation Project (KLJ).

Chad Petersen from KLJ this is the agreement for cost share reimbursing for the rehabilitation of the Mill Dam.  The total cost of the project is $99,500 at 75% cost share the cost is $74,625.

Commissioner Gulmon motioned to approve, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson.  Motion carried.

5.  Consideration of City County Health Costshare.  (President Carlsrud)

President Carlsrud stated it was discussed to assist with some of the cost incurred by CCH for their program due to the mask mandate.

Commissioner Bishop stated he was in support of the $1200 for the kits, the rest they may have some funds that was made available for that.

Commissioner Bishop motioned to approve $1200 for the kits, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson.  Motion carried.

6.  Create a standing Selection Committee for Procurement Services.  (City Administrator Crawford)

City Administrator Crawford stated we have received four RFQ’s for the upcoming 6th St. project.  We thought it may be easier to form a committee instead of having to form a new committee for each project.

President Carlsrud, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Gulmon, Clint Klemisch, City Administrator Crawford and City Attorney Martineck will form the committee.

Commissioner Bishop moved to approve the committee, seconded by Commissioner Magnuson.  Motion carried.

City Administrator’s Report

City Administrator Crawford stated we need to get moving on the 6th St project. We have had several meetings taking place in regards to this so everyone will be updated.  

We will be having a “fun week” due to not being able to have an awards night currently.  This will take place during the day on breaks

City Updates & Commission Reports

Finance Director Richter thanks PW Manager Jacobson and the PW Supervisors for putting together a good budget for the upcoming year.  Also the portfolio holders and Dick Gulmon for being part of the process.  I am interested in seeing the report for the water towers.  Depending on the seriousness of that we will need to determine how that will need to be financed.

Fire Chief Magnuson stated we had a close call on Saturday.  An individual and his dogs fell through the ice.  Quick response was great but want to remind everyone the ice is not safe, be careful.  Also, it is dry and people are trying to burn.  Follow the rules that are available on the website.  We have received everything and the fire extinguisher inspections have started.

Police Chief Hatcher reminded everyone we will be doing the Santa Cops with Kids program, just in a different way.  We will be doing the shopping ourselves and dropping them off at houses.  We are still taking donations and those can be dropped off at the Police Station or mail it in or call.

Commissioner Gulmon stated Gary did an awesome job putting the budget together.  Everybody did a great job.  Also, we got tighter with the Park Distract and discussed sharing responsibilities such as snow removal.  That was a very positive meeting.  We also had our first cold storage meeting and identified some of the needs for the building and discussed some funding sources.

Commissioner Erickson thanked the city guys for all they’ve done.  Gwen’s been doing rather well at her job so thanks Gwen!

Commissioner Bishop thanked Officer Sampson and Amanda for getting the person out of the river.  If you see the fire fighters and police officers thank them for what theydo.

Mayor Carlsrud stated we had the masking order and thanks to Jim and Sharon Buhr for all the help sharing the kits and helping people adapt to the needs of masking.  Thanks to the citizens for masking.  Our numbers have dwindled.  Our employees for partnering to get things done before winter.  Great work to the PW department on the budget and to our Fire and Police Departments.

Meeting was adjourned at 6:03 PM

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