Bid Opportunities

Preliminary, Design, and Construction Engineering for Infrastructure Project


October 30, 2020


I.              Project

Valley City will engage the services of a qualified engineering firm (“Consultant”) to perform Preliminary, Design, and Construction Engineering on the following project scheduled to be completed in 2022:

Street Reconstruction, Water Main Replacement, Partial Sanitary Sewer Main Replacement
6th Street NW from 5th Avenue NW to Central Avenue N


II.             Scope of Work

Preliminary Services: Perform project management and administration of project scoping, preliminary survey, plats, design, final plans, and necessary permits.  Additional services, if required, may be negotiated and supplemental agreements issued based on the Consultant’s performance, qualification materials, and available funding.


III.           Submission Requirements

Firms are invited to submit a Summary of Qualifications.  The Summary must provide the following information:

  1. Name of Consultant’s firm and general information regarding firm’s entity structure;
  2. Name, title, address, telephone number, and email address of contact person authorized to contractually obligate Consultant;
  3. General introduction and brief history of Consultant’s firm;
  4. Description of Consultant's specialized or relevant experience or knowledge;
  5. Confirmation that Consultant meets the appropriate North Dakota licensing requirements;
  6. Description of noteworthy water and sanitary sewer infrastructure and street reconstruction projects the Consultant has developed, designed, administered, and managed in the area;
  7. Description of any other characteristics that would be uniquely relevant in evaluating Consultant’s experience;
  8. Identification of key management, field, and staff members Consultant would assign to provide services to City;
  9. Information regarding Consultant’s management, field, and staff members designated above, including name, position, telephone number, email address, education, and experience, including information regarding relevant project experience; and
  10. General description of Consultant’s ability to meet time and budget requirements.

The Summary of Qualifications is limited to five pages in length and pages must be numbered. Summaries that exceed the five-page length requirement will not be considered.  A cover letter will not be counted as one of the five pages. Resumes, references, and other materials outlining experience may be included in an appendix.  The appendix will not be considered as a part of the five-page Summary.

Interested firms must submit seven printed copies and one electronic copy by 10:00 AM, November 25, 2020, to

City of Valley City – RFQ
Attn: City Administrator
254 2nd Avenue NE
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone number 701‐845‐1700


IV.           Selection Criteria

  1. Project understanding and approach
  2. Past performance
  3. Willingness to meet time and budget requirements
  4. Location of offices and employees required to perform the work
  5. Recent, current, and projected workloads of the persons and/or firms
  6. Related experience on similar projects
  7. Recent and current work for the City
  8. Ability of professional personnel

Summaries will be evaluated by a selection committee.  The committee will conduct interviews with at least three firms that respond to the RFQ within the prescribed limitations listed above and whose Summaries most clearly meet the RFQ requirements.  Firms not selected for interviews will be notified in writing.  Late submissions will be deemed unresponsive.

Interviews will be completed by December 4, 2020.  Please be prepared to provide firm representatives to present your qualifications and respond to questions sometime during the week of November 30.

The City will enter into contract negotiations with the top-rated firm.  If terms cannot be agreed upon, the City reserves the right to terminate negotiations, and then negotiate with the second- and third-ranked firms in order, if necessary, until a satisfactory contract has been negotiated.

The City reserves the right, in its discretion, to waive any deficiencies in any submission, to accept or reject any and/or all Summaries of Qualifications submitted, and to not award a contract for the project.

The City is not responsible for costs associated with the Summary of Qualifications or interview preparation.