Conducting City Business

Impacts to City Operations, Updated 04/03/2020 9:40 AM

Emergency Declaration – Why?

On Wednesday March 17, Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud declared a state of emergency as a proactive measure to assist in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Not only will the emergency declaration allow the City to tap into state and federal resources and funding if necessary, but the City will be better positioned to take actions that protect the health and safety of Valley City employees and residents.

City Buildings & Access by General Public

Pursuant to the Mayor’s emergency powers, and in consultation with city staff, the doors to City Hall, Public Works Service Center, Transfer Station, Water Treatment Plant, and Fire Department will be closed to the public until further notice. City offices are fully staffed and all services will continue to be provided without interruption, including but not limited to fire and police protection, flood protection, garbage collection, and street, water, sewer, and electric service.  The purpose of the closure is to discourage discretionary travel and unnecessary person-to-person contact in the community.

How do I conduct business with City, VCPW, VCFD, VCPD?

Residents should call or email with any questions, concerns or business matters.  City staff will determine if access to City facilities will be granted depending on the nature of the issue and the City’s ability to handle the issue remotely.

  • City Hall—(701) 845-1700
  • Public Works—(701) 845-0380
  • Transfer Station—(701) 845-0314
  • Police Department—(701) 845-3110
  • Fire Department—(701) 845-3351

VCPW Utility Bills: How do I pay my bills?

Utility Bill Payments – Options during Emergency Closure:

Public Works will provide the following payment options during the emergency closure:

  • Auto-pay
    • Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form available at, and submit to Public Works, PO Box 240, Valley City, ND 58072.
  • Payment by check or money:
    • Mail to Valley City Public Works, PO Box 240, Valley City, ND 58072.
    • Drop box located in the parking lot north of the Post Office.
    • Drop box located inside the entryway to Public Works at 254 2nd Avenue NE
    • Payments deposited in the drop boxes by 8:00 AM will be credited to the previous day’s business activities.
  • Cash
    • Cash payments will be accepted in the drop boxes only for the duration of the emergency closure and must be enclosed in an envelope with information that clearly identifies the account holder and account.
  • Payment by credit card:
    • Credit card payments will be accepted by phone only for the duration of the emergency closure and only using the account holder’s credit card.  Please call 701-845-0380 during regular business hours.

Cleanup Week 2020 – Rescheduled for Fall

Updated 04/09/2020

Attention Valley City Residents – Spring City Cleanup

Due to the Corona Virus epidemic, cleanup week this year is being rescheduled for the fall of 2020.  The date will be determined at a later date.

Valley City Police Department & Municipal Court Announcements (Updated 05/13/2020)

The Valley City Police Department will be taking precautionary measures to ensure their safety by remaining at a safe distance and wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when necessary.

The following changes have been implemented until further notice:

  • Fingerprinting services have been suspended
  • Municipal Court has resumed as of May 12, 2020 and will hold court by phone only. To appear, call (701) 845-8150 enter Conference ID: 981089.  If you have a question regarding an upcoming court appearance, please contact the Clerks of Municipal Court at 701-845-3110, or email
  • Records requests can be handled over the phone/via email by calling 701-845-3110 or emailing . Crash reports have a $7.00 fee whether paper or digital; other records are generally no charge for emailed copies
  • Filing a police report may be initiated over the phone, call 701-845-3110.
  • Notary services have been suspended

June 9, 2020 Election – Updates Posted 04.07.2020

Vote-By-Mail for June 2020 Election

Barnes County is administering the June 9, 2020 election. This election will be STRICTLY Vote-By-Mail with no in-person voting on Election Day. The County will have a drop box available in front of the Courthouse on the north side beginning April 30th for people to drop off their ballots, in case they choose not to mail them in.

If voters do NOT receive a ballot application in the mail by April 30th, please contact the Barnes County Auditor’s Office for a ballot application at (701) 845-8500 or

Public Meetings

(Updated 04/01/2020 8:45 AM)

Members of the public will be able to listen to and/or view public meetings through the procedures described in the meeting agendas. City Commission and Finance meeting agendas are available on the City Commission Meetings page.

For the Community

Travel & Business Closures

City of Valley City Emergency Orders Expired April 30, 2020

On April 20, 2020, Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud re-issued two emergency orders to take immediate effect on April 20, 2020.

Both orders were issued pursuant to the COVID-19 state of emergency declared by the Mayor in March 2020, and are believed necessary to promote social distancing, discourage unnecessary travel, and limit exposure of Valley City residents to the COVID-19 virus.  The orders will also assist local businesses that have been adversely impacted by the pandemic.

Transient/Temporary Merchant Activity

Under Emergency Order 2020-01.1, all transient/temporary merchant activity must cease for a period of 30 days.  The general penalty established by Valley City Municipal Code for any violation of a city ordinance is a fine of up to $1,500 and/or up to 30 days in jail.

Alcoholic Beverage Sales

Under Emergency Order 2020-02.1, the holder of a Valley City alcoholic beverage license will be permitted to serve beer and wine by curbside or home delivery, subject to certain restrictions depending on the class of license.  Licensees are encouraged to contact City Hall for clarification of their rights and responsibilities under the emergency order.  All federal, state, and local laws pertaining to delivery of alcohol including but not limited to delivery to minors, server training, and age identification requirements, remain in effect.

Governor Burgum’s Executive Orders

During the COVID-19 emergency, please visit the ND Governor’s page to view Executive Orders that are issued by Governor Burgum. To date (04/03/2020), these have impacted areas including business, school and government operations.

COVID-19 General Information

ND Smart Restart Protocols

Added 04/29/2020 4:00 PM

The State of ND has posted the ND Smart Restart protocols online.

  • “This applies not only to those businesses affected by executive orders, but to all businesses as we enter this new normal.”

  • Universal protocols and industry specific standards are available on the ND Response website.

COVID-19 Related Questions?

The City of Valley City will continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and will follow the recommendations of local, state, and federal health experts.  Residents are also encouraged to rely on accurate and current advice from trusted sources.  Covid-19 related questions will be directed to

  • City County Health District—(701) 845-8518, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm;
  • North Dakota Department of Health hotline—(800) 207-2880, daily, 7:00am to 10:00pm;
  • Centers for Disease Control online (; and
  • North Dakota Department of Health online (

Protecting Yourself & Your Family

Most importantly, take steps to protect yourself and your family:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue or use the inside of your elbow
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and practice social distancing in general
  • If you believe you or a family member is sick please stay home and call a medical professional


Message from Valley City Mayor Carlsrud

Monday, May 18, 2020


Good day everyone, we have had a good week in Valley City.  With weather patterns becoming more “normal” and some sunshine, get out and enjoy some of the activities that provide good social distancing.

  • Bridge City Cruisers have had a couple successful Cruise Nights; there was a “Senior Parade”, along with walking, biking and maybe some chalk art.
  • Cass County and other areas in out state have been hit with more cases of the virus so BEWARE, essential travel only.  We will increase our chances of avoiding the virus only if we continue a good job of social distancing.
  • For Fun:  The VCFD is doing “Birthday Calls”; check them out.
  • Thursday night the VCFD used its drill night to clean “The Broken Road”.  Along with the VCFD, a number of Public Works Departments contributed to the clean up as well; an aesthetic improvement for our community.
  • Thank you to all teachers and administrators at VCPS and VCSU for making distance learning successful this spring.
  • Census 2020 is a big deal for you all.  Please complete the form mailed to you, or complete it online so no one has to “knock” on your door; BE COUNTED!
  • Please Read Measure #1 on your ballot.  It is important for the completion of your Permanent Flood Protection.
  • We will have another 5:30 Press Briefing Wednesday, our guests are Pat Hansen and Scott Magnuson. Please join us.
  • “The most beautiful way to begin and end the day is with a Grateful Heart. (Charlie Brown)

Blessings, Pray and Be Safe,

Dave Carlsrud

Monday, May 11, 2020


  • Hello area high school and university seniors. Your school year is ending and life will be opening doors to the next chapters of your lives.  With the Corona Virus, graduations will differ from the norm, they will likely be unique and the classes of 2020 will always be remembered.  There will be some fun “activities”; please respect the virus, your friends, your family and practice Social Distancing to ensure good health.  “CONGRATULATIONS & ENJOY”


  • Local Businesses are opening … PLEASE support them so they can support you. Usually our local businesses are the first ones we visit for donations for good causes so they need sufficient profits to help you.
  • The City Commission hired Gwen Crawford to serve Valley City Citizens as our City Administrator/Manager. She is scheduled to begin work here within 30 days.  Watch for her and please offer a warm Hi-Liner/Viking welcome.
  • Please Read Measure #1 on your ballot. It is important for the completion of your Permanent Flood Protection.
  • We will have another 5:30 Press Briefing Wednesday and our guests are TBD. Please join us.
  • Charlie Brown said, “We only live once Snoopy”. Snoopy said, “No, Charlie Brown, we only die once, we LIVE every day.”
  • Pray

Blessings and Be Safe,

Dave Carlsrud

Monday, May 4, 2020


  • Good job with your Social Distancing everyone. That we have been Blessed with fewer positive tests than some other places is indicative you are doing the right things.
  • ND Smart Restart is now under way J. About six weeks ago we were quite afraid of COVID-19, it seemed death was almost a certainty.  The virus is still very dangerous, but Social Distancing is working so now we have more freedom.  With more freedom, more discipline will be needed to make wise choices. Keep up your good work.
  • It is likely you all have had something in your lives postponed or cancelled. From K-12 to Higher Ed. distance learning is a new experience.  Though there are times of disappointment, missing your friends and changes in relationships, those things are educational too.  While this spring isn’t what we all planned, the lessons we will have learned, will always be. Embrace them.
  • Census 2020 – BE COUNTED
  • I have no artistic abilities so I am continually amazed at the beautiful chalk art around town. Thank you “chalk art” artists
  • We will have another 5:30 Press Briefing Wednesday and our guest will be VCPS Superintendent Josh Johnson. Please join us.
  • Charlie Brown said, “One of the best gifts you can give people is thanking them for being part of your life.”
  • Pray

Blessings and Be Safe,

Dave Carlsrud

Sunday, April 26, 2020


  • It is Sunday evening the 26th and we have 867 cases in North Dakota of which four are in Barnes County. Just remember Social Distancing, be safe; “you know the drill”.
  • Our weather has made a turn for the better. I have seen kids playing “hopscotch”, “chalk art”, people walking, rollerblading, skateboarding, biking and fishing.  Get out and enjoy life.   We only have to “stay apart” now so we can “be together” later.
  • The June 9th Municipal Election includes a ballot question to approve the extension of an existing one-half (1/2) percent sales tax for Permanent Flood Protection (PFP). The tax will run 15 years or until retirement of the debt.  The sales tax dedication was approved with a sunset of December 31, 2047 so the extension would begin from that date. The extension is needed to meet the Bank of North Dakota requirements providing 30 years of funding to match the 30-year loans needed for PFP.  Again, this is an extension of time only, not an increase in sales tax.
    • Mail Ballot Applications will be sent out by April 30th.
  • We will have another 5:30 Press Briefing Wednesday and our guest will be VCSU President Al Lafave. Please join us.

Blessings and be safe.

Dave Carlsrud

Monday, April 20, 2020


Greetings Everyone

As you likely know by now we crowding 600 positive tests in North Dakota.  Just a week ago Sunday, we had about 300 so it is SPREADING rapidly!  While there are a few “hot spots” around the state, there are also more and more people around the state who are spreaders.  That means every time we leave our homes, there is a greater chance we can be exposed to the virus.

I am sure you all are tired of hearing “Social Distancing”, but it is the best tool we have.  We need to continue our efforts by washing hands, staying home unless going out is essential, cover coughs & sneezes.  Remember, the virus doesn’t care if we are family, friends or fellow workers; we have to protect each other with proper Social Distancing.

Blessings and be safe.

Dave Carlsrud

Monday, April 13, 2020

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Friends


  • We have been Blessed to date as COVID-19 positives tests have been few in our area. Keep up your good work with Social Distancing. Cass, Burleigh and Stark are the counties with the most COVID-19 cases ….. AVOID an exposure whenever possible!
  • Can we “relax our efforts”? NO!   North Dakota cases went over 300 Easter Sunday so complacency is our enemy. The COVID-19 is steadily moving our direction and North Dakota cases have not peaked!
  • A really difficult part of Social Distancing includes family and friends. Protect each other; you can make a difference.

Census 2020:

  • Census 2020 time is here and it is financially ($$$$) important to ALL of us and Census 2020 is LEGITIMATE. Each person counted will generate about $19,100.00 in Federal Aid to our area.  You should have received forms in a mailing, they can be completed and mailed or you can complete online.  BE COUNTED.

Financial Challenges:

  • With the COVID-19 Pandemic comes financial Challenges for families and businesses. Please go out of your way to “buy what you can at home”.  Profits for local businesses are critical for wages and reinvestment in our community.  Our car dealers can find most anything you want.  A portion of our sales tax is used for Property Tax Buy-down.  When sales tax is down, so is the amount of money available for your property tax buy-down.
  • Business owners, be sure to research the grants and loans our government is making available. APPLY for any and all you can find.

Dave Carlsrud

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Thank you Everyone & Welcome Back

  • Thank you all for your efforts with Social Distancing. At every conference call and press conference we hear “Social Distancing is the most effective method of slowing COVID-19”.
  • Welcome home to grandparents, parents, other family, students (Spring Break) and friends who have been rejuvenating in warmer climates. In your travels home, “exposure” to high-risk situations was very likely for all of you. So to protect your family and friends, PLEASE consider self-quarantine for 14 days and ALWAYS practice Social Distancing.
  • With changes in our society like working from home and online schooling, “How are you doing”? Many parents, brothers and sisters aren’t use to being together in the house this much. Be sure you all get some “space” as your mental health is critical.  How about going for a short walk, a bike ride or some little activity for which you don’t normally have time.   From there, simply respect and be kind to everyone, especially those closest to you J.
  • North Dakota is having a slow rise in COVID-19 cases and that is a good thing as every slow day gives our health care system another day to catch up.
  • Pray to your God, keep the Faith and continue your great efforts.

Thank you,

Dave Carlsrud

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hi Again Everyone,

I am a proud citizen of Valley City and North Dakota.

Do you remember the battles with the horrific floods, with portable outhouses everywhere, and we all pulled together and defeated the floodwaters?  Gosh, help came from the VCPS, VCSU, and even a great number of our more “veteran population”.  You filled well over 350,000 sandbags, served food, and helped in any way you could.  As Governor Burgum might say, it was a great example of “North Dakota Tough”.

Today we are battling an opponent completely different from water.  While water can be deadly, we can go to the water, touch it, walk to higher ground, and again be safe.  COVID-19 plays very differently.  Once we have been close to it, we are likely infected and- unlike the floodwater escaping to higher ground- will not save us.  It is deadly, extremely contagious and “business as usual” has to change.  Please be aware we are no longer an isolated area as we have surpassed South Dakota in numbers of cases.  Hello!  Social Distancing must become the new normal because the young, the strong, and the elderly are all susceptible.  Nearly 40% of cases are in the 20, 30 and 40-year old range.

Many of our businesses are open, but are not open for social gatherings at this time.  Purchase your merchandise and go directly to the safety of your home.  *Unessential travel- NO- “hanging with friends”- NO, as you will place yourself and your friends at risk.  When you have a choice, respect the warnings of Social Distancing.

To battle this, choose “North Dakota Smart” over “North Dakota Tough”.

Blessings and be safe,

Dave Carlsrud