Everbridge: ALERT Barnes County

“ALERT Barnes County”, a mass notification system that notifies registered users of important emergency information pertaining to severe weather, police & fire emergencies, public health crises, etc. You have complete control over alerts and can choose the delivery method of your choice: text, email, or phone call. Barnes County will no longer utilize or carry CodeRED. That means you will NEED to re-sign up through the ALERT Barnes County Everbridge Portal in order to receive notifications!

You can sign up from the Barnes County Home Page, the Emergency Management Page, or follow this link: https://member.everbridge.net/index/892807736729933#/signup


Master Fee Schedule

Master Fee Schedule

Fees adopted by Resolution are listed in the Master Fee Schedule. Fees for the Valley City Public Works including but not limited to electric, water, sewer and garbage rates are adopted by the City Commission separately from the Master Fee Schedule. For the latest Valley City Public Works rates, please contact (701) 845-0380 or view online.

Flood Events

In case of flood gauge readings at Valley City greater than 11.4 feet, the City of Valley City will issue media statements through the following:

 Current river levels and forecasts for the Sheyenne River

Recording with updated pool levels at Baldhill Dam when outflow is greater than 2000 cfs. Provided by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: Lake Ashtabula Project Office

Call (701) 845-2970. Select option 4.

Current river levels and forecasts for the Sheyenne River. Note: Forecasts are only provided as needed during times of high water. Provided by National Weather Service.

Pay a Ticket

Tickets issued by the Valley City Police Department can be paid by:

  • Check, cash or credit card
  • Mail payment to or pay at 216 2nd Avenue NE, Valley City, ND 58072

Any questions, call (701) 845-3110.

Fire Pit Requirements

The Fire Chief may issue rules and regulations regarding recreational fires consistent with this section (see V.C.M.C. Title 9, Chapter 1).

Location & size of fire pit:

  • Recreational fires cannot be located within fifteen (15) feet of a structure (including decks and
    fences) or other combustible material unless they are in an approved container designed for this
    purpose, such as a screened appliance.
  • A recreational fire fuel area (i.e., fire pit/pot) cannot be more than three feet (3’) by three feet (3’)
    wide and no more than sixteen inches (16”) in height. Burn pits or pots of said parameters shall be
    approved for burning. The burning wood must be completely within the appliance.

Open Burning is not allowed:

Open burning (not enclosed in a burn container as specified herein) is not allowed unless a permit is acquired from the Fire Chief pursuant to application with the Fire Department of the City of Valley City. This permit is given out with strict provisions.

Appropriate material for recreational fires:

The following materials are approved for use in recreational fires:

  • twigs, small branches, logs, and small lumber.

The following materials are prohibited for use as burning materials:

  • garbage, paper material, painted or chemically treated lumber, and leaves.

Extinguishing recreational fires:

  • All recreational fires must be constantly attended until the fire is extinguished. A five pound (5lb) ABC – 3A rated fire extinguisher or water hose shall be available for immediate use and shall be attended at all times while being operated.
  • Any recreational fire that will be offensive or objectionable due to smoke or odor emissions is prohibited.

Wind Conditions:

  • Recreational fire burning is allowed when wind conditions are minimal or calm.
  • Recreational fire burning shall be prohibited during a Fire Ban.

Tornado/Weather Siren

This siren tone is a loud, continuous high pitch siren lasting for approximately 3 minutes.

This siren means there is or could be imminent danger such as tornado, and or severe weather.

As this is heard, people should take proper action. In most cases the radio station KOVC (AM 1490) will make announcements as to what is happening and may give instructions.

Testing of the Tornado/Weather Siren

The tornado/weather siren is tested on the first Tuesday at 9:00 AM during the months of April – October.