Preventing Mosquitoes In & Around the Home

Protect your home against mosquitoes

Protect your home against mosquitoes

  1. Remove standing water where mosquitoes could lay eggs:
    • Eliminate unnecessary water holding containers, especially tires, large cans and bottles.
    • Keep clean water in children’s wading pools & drain when not in use.
    • Keep ditches and streams adjoining your property free of grass clippings, garbage, and other debris, which obstruct the natural flow of water.
    • Keep weeds & grass cut short during the summer months. Report vacant lots that are not maintained properly to city officials.
    • Make sure stored boats are covered or water drained out of them completely. Store small boats upside down.
    • Change water in birdbaths, fountains and troughs weekly.
    • Clean roof gutters.
  2. Control mosquitoes inside your home
    • Maintain proper screening for windows and doors.
    • An indoor fogger or spray can be used to kill mosquitos. Mosquitos rest in dark, humid places. Always follow the precautions and instructions on the label.
  3. Protect yourself and others
    • Wear light colored, long pants and long-sleeved shirts when outside.
    • Stay indoors during the evening and early morning hours when mosquitoes are most active.

Valley City Public Works: Mosquito Program

Valley City Public Works will fog for mosquitos throughout the summer. Prior to scheduled application, Public Works will announce upcoming dates in the Times Record and on KOVC stations. Generally, this will occur in the evenings.

Utility Rates

Utility Rates are set by Resolution of the Board of City Commissioners. The following rates have been approved by the Commission:

If you have questions about the utility rates that are in effect for your property, please contact Public Works at (701) 845-0380.

Construction Updates

The following construction updates are posted on the City Engineer page:

  • Permanent Flood Protection
  • Paving Improvement Projects
  • Sanitary Sewer Improvement Projects
  • Storm Sewer Improvement Projects

These will also appear on the homepage under “Recent Posts.”

Truck Route Locations & Map

The Truck Routes are indicated on the following map or described below:

The following portions of streets, to be used in accordance with the provisions of  V.C.M.C. 14-12-26, are hereby established as truck routes:

  1. Main Street from the east city limits to the west city limits.
  2. 9th Avenue NW from Main Street W, north to the city limits.
  3. 5th Avenue NE from Main Street E, north to the city limits.
  4. 12th Street NW from 5th Avenue NE on the east to 9th Avenue NW on the west 8th Avenue SW from Main Street west, south to the city limits.
  5. 12th Avenue SE from Main Street east, south to Winter Show Road.
  6. Winter Show Road from 8th Avenue SW on the west to 12th Avenue SE on the

Garbage Pickup during Holiday Weeks

Valley City Public Works will adjust the dates when garbage is picked up for the holidays listed below. Announcements are made on KOVC 1490 AM, through the Times-Record, and on the City of Valley City website. You can subscribe to email notifications of these and other Public Service Announcements on our subscription page.

New Year’s Day
President’s Day
Good Friday
Memorial Day
4th of July
Labor Day
Veteran’s Day


Disposing of Waste into Sewer System

We are asking all users of the city’s sewer system to follow one rule: “if it ain’t toilet paper, don’t flush it.” By following this simple rule, we can all save money and limit the inconvenience of putting up with a sewer system that does not work.


  • Cooking grease solidifies and causes blockage within both residential and city sewer lines.
  • Wipes, toilet bowl scrubbers collect in the City’s wet well and must be removed. These items don’t just flow to the lagoons.

Sewer Backup

Sewer Backup

To report a sewer backup, contact Public Works at (701) 845-0380.

If there is sewer backup into your premise, it does not mean the City is liable for any resultant damage or cleanup costs. In fact, in most instances of a sewer backup, there is no liability on the part of the City.

Contact your insurance agent to request an endorsement to your homeowner or business insurance that provides for cleanup costs and damage to your premises or personal property caused by a sewer backup. This will ensure funds are available in the instance of sewer backup for you to cleanup and repair any damage.