Renaissance Zone Application

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Last Updated On June 28, 2019
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Eligible commercial and residential properties are indicated in Valley City’s Renaissance Zone Map.

For a new Renaissance Zone project (this includes new construction, rehabilitation or closing): Approval may take up to 4 weeks.

To apply, submit completed Renaissance Zone Application and Certificate of Good Standing from the ND Tax Commissioner.
For more information, contact Emma Tufte at (701) 845-8125 or

To request a transfer of a previously approved Renaissance Zone project (this may occur after closing):

Submit Certificate of Good Standing from the ND Tax Commissioner (request is made on this form), statement certifying this is your primary residence, and statement regarding closing (purchase) date.

Submit Renaissance Zone materials to:

City of Valley City
P.O. Box 390
Valley City, ND 58072

Fax: (701) 845-4588

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