Title 1: General Provisions

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Last Updated On January 25, 2019
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Title 1: General Provisions

Section 1-01-01. How Revised Ordinances designated and cited.
Section 1-01-01.1 Code Revier.
Section 1-01-02. Definitions and rules of interpretation.
Section 1-01-03. Titles of sections.
Section 1-01-04. Provisions considered as continuations of existing ordinances.
Section 1-01-05. Severability of parts of Revised Ordinances.
Section 1-01-06. Repeal does not revive ordinance previously repealed.
Section 1-01-07. Repeal; effect.
Section 1-01-08. Official time.
Section 1-01-09. General penalty; continuing violations.
Section 1-01-10. Costs to be added to fines.
Section 1-01-11. Sentencing alternatives.
Section 1-01-12. Enforcement of orders and judgments and punishment for contempt.
Section 1-01-13. Failure to appear after signing promise to appear.
Section 1-01-14. Sale, lease, transfer, or exchange of property.

This document contains Title 1 – General Provisions.

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