Title 11. Zoning

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Title 11 – Zoning

This document contains Title 11, Zoning as adopted by the City Commission on July 17, 2018 through Ordinance No. 1033.

Chapter 11-01                Purpose and Introduction

Section 11-01-01        Title.
Section 11-01-02        Purpose.
Section 11-01-03        Authority.
Section 11-01-04        Geographic Jurisdiction.
Section 11-01-06        Minimum Requirements.
Section 11-01-07        Effective Date.
Section 11-01-08        Severability.
Section 11-01-09        Conflicting Provisions.


Chapter 11-02                Construction and Definitions

Section 11-02-01        Construction of Language.
Section 11-02-02        Meanings and Intent.
Section 11-02-03        Headings, Illustrations, and Text.
Section 11-02-04        Computation of Time.
Section 11-02-05        Mandatory and Discretionary Terms.
Section 11-02-06        Conjunctions.
Section 11-02-07        Tenses and Usage.
Section 11-02-08        Definitions.

Chapter 11-03                Zoning Districts

Section 11-03-01        Zoning Map.
Section 11-03-02        Zoning District Boundaries.
Section 11-03-03        Zoning Use Matrix.
Section 11-03-04        Zoning Districts Established.
Section 11-03-05        AG Agricultural District.
Section 11-03-06        AP Airport Overly District.
Section 11-03-07        AZ Aviation Safety Zone Overlay District.
Section 11-03-08        R-1 Single-Family Residential District.
Section 11-03-09        R-2 Two-Family Residential District.
Section 11-03-10        R-3 Mobile Home District.
Section 11-03-11        R-4 Multi-Family Residential District.
Section 11-03-12        B-1 Central Business District.
Section 11-03-13        B-2 Highway Business District.
Section 11-03-14        I-1 Light Industrial District.
Section 11-03-15        Reserved for Future Use.
Section 11-03-16        Reserved for Future Use.
Section 11-03-17        Floodway and Floodplain Overlay Districts.
Section 11-03-18        PUD Planned Unit Development.

Chapter 11-04                Measurement

Section 11-04-01        Purpose.
Section 11-04-02        Fractions.
Section 11-04-03        Measuring Distances.
Section 11-04-04        Measuring Building Height.
Section 11-04-05        Exceptions to Height Limitations.
Section 11-04-06        Measuring Lot Depth.
Section 11-04-07        Measuring Lot Width.
Section 11-04-08        Measuring Yards.
Section 11-04-09        Measuring Seats.

Chapter 11-05                 Use Standards

Section 11-05-01        Adult Entertainment Centers.
Section 11-05-02        Bed and Breakfast.
Section 11-05-03        Boarding House.
Section 11-05-04        Bulk Petroleum or Gas Station.
Section 11-05-05        Car Wash and Vehicle Wash Establishments.
Section 11-05-06        Crew Camp Housing.
Section 11-05-07        Excavation and Processing of Mineral Resources.
Section 11-05-08        Family Child Care.
Section 11-05-09        Guest Inn.
Section 11-05-10        Home Occupations.
Section 11-05-11        Mobile Home Park Requirements.
Section 11-05-12        Outdoor Storage—Commercial and Industrial.
Section 11-05-13        Other Outdoor Storage.
Section 11-05-14        Residential Accessory Structures.
Section 11-05-15        Retail Sale of Produce Grown on the Premises.
Section 11-05-16        Self-Service Storage.
Section 11-05-17        Telecommunications Facilities.
Section 11-05-18        Temporary Uses.
Section 11-05-19        Temporary Use of Residential Home as Sales and/or Construction Office.
Section 11-05-20        Wind Generation Structures.
Section 11-05-21        Signs.

Chapter 11-06                Site Standards

Section 11-06-01        Off Street Parking and Loading.
Section 11-06-02        Off Street Parking.
Section 11-06-03        Residential Off Street Parking.
Section 11-06-04        Open Space Calculation.
Section 11-06-05        Required Yards and Open Space.
Section 11-06-06        Lots.
Section 11-06-07        Corner Visibility.
Section 11-06-08        Buffers, Landscaping, and Screening.
Section 11-06-09        Land Use Compatibility.
Section 11-06-10        Landscape Buffer Requirements.
Section 11-06-11        Dumpsters, Trash Containers, and Off Site Recycling—Visual Screen.
Section 11-06-12        Multifamily Requirements.
Section 11-06-13        Commercial District Landscaping Requirement.
Section 11-06-14        Industrial District Landscaping Requirements.
Section 11-06-15        Landscaping Requirements for Parking Lots.
Section 11-06-16        Parking Restrictions in residential Ares.
Section 11-06-17        Storage Containers and Portable Storage Units.
Section 11-06-18        Automobile Repair.
Section 11-06-19        Satellite Dish Antennas.
Section 11-06-20        Walls, Fences, and Hedges.
Section 11-06-21        Drive Through Facilities.
Section 11-06-22        Canopy Carports.

Chapter 11-07                 Administration, Appeals, and Enforcement

Section 11-07-01        Enforcing Officer—Building Inspector.
Section 11-07-02        Conditional Uses.
Section 11-07-03        Enforcement.
Section 11-07-04        Violations.
Section 11-07-05        Zoning Ordinance Amendments.
Section 11-07-06        Zoning Map Amendments.
Section 11-07-07        Board of Adjustments.
Section 11-07-08        Fees.

Chapter 11-08                Nonconformities

Section 11-08-01        Overview.
Section 11-08-02        Nonconforming Uses.
Section 11-08-03        Nonconforming Lots.
Section 11-08-04        Nonconforming Structures.

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