Title 12: Nuisances & Property Maintenance

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This document contains Title 12 Nuisances & Property Maintenance.

Title 12: Nuisances & Property Maintenance

Chapter 16-01. General Provisions

Section 12-01-01 “Public Nuisance” Defined.
Section 12-01-02 Power of Board of City Commissioners Generally.
Section 12-01-03 Nuisances Prohibited.
Section 12-01-04 Nuisances Enumerated-Affecting Health.
Section 12-01-05 Nuisances Enumerated -Affecting Peace and Safety.
Section 12-01-06 Duties to Report.
Section 12-01-07 Abatement of nuisances.

Chapter 16-02. Property Maintenance.

Section 12-02-01 Definitions.
Section 12-02-02 Storage of Junk, Junk Automobiles, Etc., Contrary to Public Health and Safety.
Section 12-02-03 Unlawful to Store or Accumulate Junk, Junk Automobiles, Etc.
Section 12-02-04 Unlawful to Dismantle Automobile Except on Business Premises.
Section 12-02-05 Unlawful to Maintain Blighted Structures.
Section 12-02-06 Unlawful to Store Building Materials Except on Business Premises.
Section 12-02-07 Removal of Discontinued Business Identification.
Section 12-02-08 Removal by Police Department.
Section 12-02-09 Property Maintenance-Penalty
Section 12-02-10 Assessment of Cost.

Chapter 16-03. Noises.

Section 12-03-01 Legislative Findings.
Section 12-03-02 Unnecessary Noise Generally.
Section 12-03-03 Noises Prohibited – Decibel provisions.
Section 12-03-04 Noises Prohibited- Penalty.
Section 12-03-05 Noises Prohibited-Additional Remedy, Injunction.

Chapter 16-04. Nuisances – Miscellaneous.

Section 12-04-01 Participation in Noisy Parties or Gatherings.
Section 12-04-02 Barking dogs.

Chapter 16-05. Weeds, Grass, Unhealthful Growths or Other Noxious Matter.

Section 12-05-01 Weeds, Grass, Unhealthful Growths or Other Noxious Matter Prohibited.
Section 12-05-02 Notice to Cut, Destroy, or Remove
Section 12-05-03 Action Upon Noncompliance – Cost Assessed to Property.
Section 12-05-04 Exception
Section 12-05-05 Weeds, Grass, Unhealthful Growths, or Other Noxious Matter – Penalty.

Chapter 16-06. Severability.

Section 12-06-01 Severability

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