Title 4: Alcoholic Beverages

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This document contains Title 4: Alcoholic Beverages.

  • Adopted December 5, 2017 via Ordinance No. 1027
  • Amended May 1, 2018 via Ordinance No. 1031
  • Amended June 19, 2018 via Ordinance No. 1032
  • July 23, 2019 Amendment via Ordinance No. 1046 included as supplement at end of this document

Title 4: Alcoholic Beverages

Section 4-01-01 Definitions.
Section 4-01-02 License Required.
Section 4-01-03 License—Regulations as to Classes and Fees.
Section 4-01-04 License—Transfers—Fees.
Section 4-01-05 License—Qualifications.
Section 4-01-06 License Application.
Section 4-01-07 Investigation of Applicant.
Section 4-01-08 Issuance, Renewal and Transfer of Licenses.
Section 4-01-09 License Fees—Disposition of Fees.
Section 4-01-10 Posting of Licenses.
Section 4-01-11 License—Termination, Suspension and Revocation.
Section 4-01-12 Administrative Hearing/Waiver.
Section 4-01-13 Location of Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Establishments.
Section 4-01-14 Hours of Sale—Prohibition of Sales on Holidays.
Section 4-01-15 Restrictions on Sales, Service, Dispensing or
Consuming of Alcoholic Beverages.
Section 4-01-16 Delivery of Alcoholic Beverages.
Section 4-01-17 Purchase to Be From Licensed Wholesaler.
Section 4-01-18 Requirements for Licensed Premises.
Section 4-01-19 Inspection of Licensed Premises to Be Allowed.
Section 4-01-20 Cabaret License.
Section 4-01-21 Application of Chapter.
Section 4-01-22 Penalty.
Section 4-01-23 Special Permits for Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.
Section 4-01-24 Registration of Beer Kegs Required Prior to Sale.
Section 4-01-25 Public Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages Restricted.
Section 4-01-26 Sales or Possession in Public.
Section 4-01-27 Opening Original Packages, Drinking in Public Prohibited;
Section 4-01-28 Severability Clause.

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