Title 5: Animals & Fowl

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Title 5: Animals & Fowl

This document contains Title 5 – Animals & Fowl.

Chapter 5-01. In General.

5-01-01 North Dakota laws governing private possession of exotic animals.
5-01-02 Keeping livestock in the city of Valley City.
5-01-03 Estrays.
5-01-04 Caged animals-Public display-Exemptions-Penalty.
5-01-05 Unattended animal in motor vehicle-Penalty.
5-01-06 Immunity from liability.
5-01-07 Multiple animals-Enhancement of offense.
5-01-08 Veterinarian.
5-01-09 Harassment of police and fire animals.
5-01-10 General requirements for animal care and treatment.
5-01-11 Animal with infectious disease.
5-01-12 Poisoning or attempting to poison an animal prohibited.
5-01-13 Animal fights prohibited.
5-01-14 Enticement of another person’s animals prohibited.
5-01-15 Animal traps-Requirements and prohibitions.
5-01-16 Animals causing nuisance prohibited.
5-01-17 Offensive use of animal prohibited.
5-01-18 Offering animals as novelties or prizes prohibited.
5-01-19 Report of vehicular collision with domestic animal.
5-01-20 Feeding of wild birds prohibited.
5-01-21 Definitions-Assumption of custody-Immunity from liability.

Chapter 5-02. Cats and Dogs.

5-02-01 Definitions.
5-02-02 Number of allowable pets.
5-02-03 Licensing and registration-Required-Exceptions.
5-02-04 Kennel licensing-Requirements-Exemption.
5-02-05 Dog and cat curbing requirements.
5-02-06 Impoundment of dogs, cats, or other animals.
5-02-07 lmpoundment fees responsibility of owner or possessor.
5-02-08 Sale of impounded animals under certain conditions, dispositions ofproceeds of sale.

Chapter 5-03. Licensure – Impoundment.

5-03-01 Registry to be kept by police departments-Issuance of tags.
5-03-02 Tag to be attached to cat or dog.
5-03-03 Duties.
5-03-04 Compensation.
5-03-05 Enforcement authority defined.
5-03-06 Running at large-Prohibited generally.
5-03-07 Report of impoundment.
5-03-08 Return of captured animal without impoundment.
5-03-09 Return of impounded animal to its owner.
5-03-10 Impoundment and kennel fees-Disposition.
5-03-11 Disposition of owner-sun-endered animals, impounded animals not claimed by owner, or animals impounded for a violation of ordinance.
5-03-12 Restrictions on return of certain animals.
5-03-13 Injured or diseased animals.
5-03-14 Rabies.
5-03-15 Contracts for the disposition of owner-sun-endered and impounded animals.
5-03-16 Euthanasia of animals-Humane euthanasia of animals.
5-03-17 Custody and disposition of dead animals.
5-03-18 Owner responsibility for animal attacks.

Chapter 5-04. Neglect – Animal Abuse – Abandonment

5-04-01 Neglect-Definition-Exemption-Penalty.
5-04-02 Neglect-Definition-Exemptions-Penalty.
5-04-03 Animal abuse-Definition-Exemptions-Penalty.
5-04-04 Animal abandonment-Definition-Exemption-Penalty.
5-04-05 Seizure of animal-Court order.
5-04-06 Law enforcement-Duty upon seizure-Notification.
5-04-07 Costs of seizure and care-Responsibility of owner-Lien.
5-04-08 Abandoned animal-Law enforcement-Duties.
5-04-09 Title of animal-Sale or adoption.

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