Title 6: Police Department

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Title 6 – Police Department

Section 06-01-01.       Establishment of police department.
Section 06-01-02.       Chief of Police—Appointment.
Section 06-01-03.       Oath of officers.
Section 06-01-04.       Additional officers—Appointment in emergencies.
Section 06-01-05.       Chief of Police—Duties.
Section 06-01-06.       Chief of Police—Orders, Rules and Regulations.
Section 06-01-07.       Police Officers—Rules and Regulations.
Section 06-01-08.       Procedure for disposing of abandoned personal property in streets, etc.
Section 06-01-09.       Duties of Police – General.
Section 06-01-10.       Fees.

This document contains the ordinances relating to Title 6 – Police Department in the order of passage.

  • Adopted August 21, 2018 via Ordinance 1034
Posted in Municipal Code (Ordinances).