Title 9. Fire Protection

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Title 9. Fire Protection.

This document contains Title 9 – Fire Protection.

Chapter I. Fire Department.

Section 9-01-01.  Composition; duties generally.
Section 9-01-02.  Supervision by Fire Chief.
Section 9-01-03.  List of active members to be furnished board of city commissioners.
Section 9-01-04.  Fire chief-duties generally-assistant chief.
Section 9-01-05.  Removal or suspension of members.
Section 9-01-06.  Command at fires generally.
Section 9-01-07.  Alarms and signals.
Section 9-01-08.  Police Powers of Fire Department.
Section 9-01-09.  False alarm.
Section 9-01-10.  Establishment of limits at fires.
Section 9-01-11.  Authority to command civilian assistance at fires.
Section 9-01-12.  Removal of property for protection and containment of fire.
Section 9-01-13.  Obstructing or interfering with firemen.
Section 9-01-14.  Entering Fire Department.
Section 9-01-15.  Fire Department Service Outside Corporate Limits.
Section 9-01-16.  Fires in hotels, rooming houses, etc., to be reported.
Section 9-01-17. Recreational Fire Guidelines.

Chapter II. International Fire Code.

Section 9-02-01.  “Jurisdiction” defined.
Section 9-02-02.  Adoption of 2012 International Fire Code.
Section 9-02-03.  Enforcement.
Section 9-02-04.  Authority of the Fire Chief to modify provisions.
Section 9-02-05.  Appeals from decisions of the Fire Chief.
Section 9-02-06.  Sale and display of fireworks.

 Chapter III. Flammable Liquids And Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Section 9-03-01.  Establishment of Fire Limits.
Section 9-03-02. Establishment of limits of districts in which storage of flammable or combustible liquids in outside above-ground tanks is prohibited.
Section 9-03-03.  Establishment of limits of districts in which storage of liquefied petroleum (LP) gases is to be restricted.
Section 9-03-04.  License – Required.
Section 9-03-05.  License -Application.
Section 9-03-06.  License – Issuance.
Section 9-03-07.  License – Fees.
Section 9-03-08.  License-Fees – Renewals.
Section 9-03-09.  License – Expiration.
Section 9-03-10.  Use of licensee’s name by another, etc.
Section 9-03-11.  Inspector – Designated.
Section 9-03-12.  Inspector – Duties; right to correct nonconforming work, etc.
Section 9-03-13.  Inspector – Right of entry.

Chapter IV. Severability and Application.

Section 9-04-01.  Severability.
Section 9-04-02.  Application.

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