9.26.2022 Special Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes

Chair Mike Schell presided and called the meeting to order 4:00pm on Monday, September 26th, 2022. Committee Members present: Dave Carlsrud, Jeff Erickson, Bill Carlblom, online Joe Faure and Bobby Keopplin, Absent James Wright.

Others: City Attorney Carl Martineck, City Administrator Gwen Crawford, City Planner Joel Quanbeck, Assessor/Acting Secretary Tina Current, City Engineer Chad Peterson (KLJ)

Audience members: George Gaukler, Jennifer Feist, Norberto Rivera

Public Hearing and consideration of variance to decrease rear yard setback, Lot 1, Block 1, Weiser’s Addition to the City of Valley.

Chair Schell opened the public hearing.

Norberto Rivera had some questions about the variance. Rivera questioned if this variance would affect his property. Mike Schell explain to Rivera the variance is just for one property Lot 1, Block 1 Weiser addition property. The variance was not for his parcel.

Dave Carlsrud moved to approve the variance, Bill Carlblom seconded followed by roll call and unanimous board approval.

Public Hearing regarding application to rezone Meadow View Estates subdivision, R-1 Single-Family Residential to R-4 Multi-Family Residential.

          Chair Schell opened the public hearing.

George Gaulker explain his original plan was to build single family homes, but with the cost increase he has change it to twinhomes. The twinhomes will be rental units. Gaulker will need the subdivision zoned as R-4 to be able to qualify for TIF financing. Schell said keep in mine if this is zoned R-4 Gaulker could put apartments in that area. Erickson is concerned about the infrastructure in that area Erickson said we don’t have enough infrastructure now, and is concerned if Gaulker would put apartments in that area. Carl Martineck said there will be a development agreement.

          Bill Carlblom made a motion. Carlsrud seconded the followed by roll call.

Roll Call:   Carlsrud – aye   Erickson – nay   Carlblom – aye   Faure – aye   Keopplin – aye

                   Schell – aye

Motion carried.


With no other items to discuss, Chair Schell called for the meeting to close at 5:12pm.

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