Spring 2020 Flood Update – Minor Flooding Expected

The City of Valley City is working with the Barnes County Emergency Management team and the US Army Corp of Engineers Baldhill Dam office to monitor the Sheyenne River. The river will rise as the outflows at the dam will increase to around 2400 CFS this weekend. The USACE plans to increase the ouflows by the first weekend in April to around 3500 CFS.  City crews are taking action in preparation for the river to be around 14-15 feet, but with local inflows, this may vary.  Evidence of minor flooding may be apparent at 15 feet.  At this time, the risk of moderate to major flooding is minimal, but the City is prepared to respond accordingly. 

City Declares Flood Emergency; No Imminent Threat

The City of Valley City declared a flood emergency on March 3, 2020; however, there is no imminent threat to the City. 

An emergency declaration serves to activate the response and recovery aspects of the City’s emergency operations plan and authorizes the furnishing of aid and assistance.  It is the first step to ensure that resources are available to the City before, during and after a predicted flood event.

City staff and the Board of Commissioners continue to monitor flood forecasts provided by the National Weather Service and the US Army Corp of Engineers, and are working closely with other local and state entities including Barnes County Emergency Management and the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.

Additional information, including river level forecasts for the Sheyenne River through Valley City, is available at https://www.valleycity.us/spring-2020-flood/.

Updates will be provided though the City’s website and local media.

As Spring Approaches, Valley City Residents are Encouraged to Consider Purchasing Flood Insurance

The City of Valley City is actively monitoring forecasts and conditions in anticipation of a potential 2020 spring flooding event. The first Spring Flood Outlook issued last week by the National Weather Service (NWS) serves as a good reminder for residents to utilize the City’s flood stage map at www.valleycity.us/how-do-i/2008-fema-flood-map to determine potential property impacts.

As always, residents are encouraged to consider purchasing flood insurance and to be aware of the 30-day delay until the policy goes into effect after the purchase date.

The City of Valley City and Barnes County will be jointly collaborating this year in the event sandbagging operations become necessary. The City of Valley City’s administration, department heads, and engineers will be meeting to plan for various contingencies to ensure Valley City is well-prepared to protect its citizens, infrastructure and community.