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Close before You Doze

The pace at which a fire spreads has increased dramatically. About 40 years ago, people had an average of 17 minutes to escape a burning home after the activation of a smoke alarm. Today, that window is about three minutes or less due to open floor plans and synthetic furnishings and building materials.


Scott Magnuson, Chief
Ron Burchill, Assistant Chief
Jeff Schlittenhardt, Lt.
Lance Coit, Lt.
Dewey Magnuson, Lt.
Mat Jenrich, Lt.
Mike Wadeson, Lt.
Gary Peterson, Secretary/Treasurer

Steven Abrahamson
Kendall Bjerke
Will Blunk
Derek Bruns
Hudson Burkett
Scott Cole
Kelly Everson
William Gonzales
Rod Grafing
Rich Hass
Aaron Heck
Jordyn Heck
Paul Johnson
Josh Magnuson
Omar Malcolm
Ryan Metcalf
Matt Miller
Tyler Modlin
Brandon Myers
McKenzie Nordland
Jason Runge
Wyatt Schilling
Talon Schlittenhardt
Dave Youngblood

Chaplin Dave Montecullo

Contact Us

Scott Magnuson, Fire Chief
Phone: (701) 845-3351
In case of Emergency: Dial 911

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