03/28/2019 Special Commission Minutes

Valley City Special Commission Proceedings
Thursday, March 28, 2019
5:30 PM, City Hall

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 5:30 PM.

Members present: Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Powell, Commissioner Erickson.

Others Present: City Administrator Schelkoph, City Auditor Richter, City Attorney Martineck, Fire Chief Magnuson, Police Chief Hatcher, Chad Petersen from KLJ.


Consider Resolution No. 2192, a Resolution Declaring Flood Emergency

City Administrator Schelkoph is expecting a 14 to 16’ flood stage, this is subject to change if there is a rain event. For financial reimbursement purposes, a flood emergency declaration is part of the process. The probabilistic forecast from March 11, 2019 is out of date. Lake Ashtabula is at 1257’ today. Schelkoph contacted National Weather Service (NWS) in Grand Forks. The thaw-freeze cycle is favorable with flow expected to enter the Sheyenne at Warwick and along the Baldhill Creek due to snow pack. Schelkoph stated biggest risk is a rain event.

Schelkoph stated the City has been undergoing Permanent Flood Protection which reduces the number of sandbags needed. At 16 feet, the City will need 10,000 sandbags. Chad Petersen from KLJ stated 7,800 yards of clay will be needed. At 18’, 28,000 sandbags and 40,000 yards of clay is required.

Schelkoph state the City will follow the plans for storm gates and low roadways/bridges. [Foss] Music Building at VCSU requires no work at a 16’ flood. When help is needed from Army Corp of Engineers (USACOE), will call for help at that time.

Schelkoph recommended to the Commission to approve the emergency today and call for USACOE help at a later date if needed.

Commissioner Magnuson moved to approve Resolution No. 2192, seconded by Commissioner Powell. The motion passed unanimously.

Consider Resolution No. 2193, a Resolution Requesting Emergency Flood Assistance from USACOE

Schelkoph stated anything below 15’ flood state requires little response and the City can handle internally. If forecast is over 15’ feet, Schelkoph will ask Commission to review and consider the resolution at later date.

Steve Urness stated the stream gauges are viewable on newsdakota.com under “Water Watch.”


Meeting was adjourned at 5:57 PM.

Dave Carlsrud, President of the
City of Valley City Commission

Attested to by:
Avis Richter, City Auditor
City of Valley City

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