5.10.2021 Mayor’s Message

“Hi There”,

  • We have certainly had a variety of weather here!  In places like Arizona, weather has very little change, comparatively speaking, so we have many more opportunities conducive to discussing weather.  Can you imagine how boring it is watching weather forecasts in those places?
  • It has been nice enough to be out enjoying the good air and some sun; I hope you have been out there. 
  • Sue and I have been walking quite a bit, her more than me of course. Anyway, there seems to be less litter and more drivers yielding right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks.  Kudos to you who are helping as you DO make a difference.
  • A request.  Someone is continually throwing banana peelings on the west hospital boulevard ……. If it is you, will you please refrain from the practice?  Thank you.
  • We have many amenities in Valley City, the Gaukler Wellness Center, swimming pool, libraries, parks, golf courses and great schools to name a few.   We are a smaller community and don’t have resources to be as independent as some may like.  Perhaps partnering can help solve some of the challenges.  Sue and I partner with our neighbors, sharing yard work, mechanical challenges and security.  We are not very mechanical, but we can mow lawn for our neighbors and they help us with some mechanical projects. Take a little time to visit with your neighbors, you may be pleasantly surprised and find some partnering opportunities too.
  • Al LaFave, VCSU President; Josh Johnson, VCPS Superintendent; Bill Carlblom, Barnes County Commission Chairman and I as Mayor meet once per month to share needs and discuss ways in which we might utilize partnering.
  • Our Ministerial Association is another example of partnering.  You get the idea.  Larry Robinson says, “Let’s join hands, the answer is somewhere in the middle”.
  • Our City Employee Appreciation Night was held Friday evening.  We are fortunate having the employees we do; they do great jobs for us.  Thanks to each of you.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine is making a difference.  Our CCHD has vaccine on hand and welcome walk-ins for vaccinations.  To minimize your time, please call ahead, 845-8518.  Having immunization is comforting.
  • “Kindness is a language the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”                                                                                                       (Mark Twain)

Blessings, Be Kind, Be Respectful and Pray


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