Filing Deadline for June 9, 2020 Election is Approaching

The filing deadline for the June 9, 2020 election is April 6, 2020 at 4:00 PM. The ND Attorney General, Al Jaeger stated that NDCC “sets the number of signatures required for a candidate’s name to appear on the ballot for a position in a political subdivision and that cannot be changed.” If you are filing a petition, you will need to submit the following number of signatures:

  • Commissioner (2 open positions for 4 year term): 133 signatures
  • Park Board (2 open positions for 4 year term): 128 signatures
  • Park Board (1 unexpired 4 year term ending June 30, 2022): 128 signatures
  • Municipal Judge (1 open position for 4 year term): 133 signatures

In light of COVID-19, circulators may scan the petition and return it electronically to the candidate. Petitions can be transmitted electronically, along with other required documents to City Auditor, Avis Richter at . Petitions may also be dropped off at the north door of City Hall (254 2nd Avenue NE) during regular business hours, please call 845-8121 to let the City Auditor know you’ve dropped off a petition.

Message from the Mayor re: COVID-19

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hi Again Everyone,

I am a proud citizen of Valley City and North Dakota.

Do you remember the battles with the horrific floods, with portable outhouses everywhere, and we all pulled together and defeated the floodwaters?  Gosh, help came from the VCPS, VCSU, and even a great number of our more “veteran population”.  You filled well over 350,000 sandbags, served food, and helped in any way you could.  As Governor Burgum might say, it was a great example of “North Dakota Tough”.

Today we are battling an opponent completely different from water.  While water can be deadly, we can go to the water, touch it, walk to higher ground, and again be safe.  COVID-19 plays very differently.  Once we have been close to it, we are likely infected and- unlike the floodwater escaping to higher ground- will not save us.  It is deadly, extremely contagious and “business as usual” has to change.  Please be aware we are no longer an isolated area as we have surpassed South Dakota in numbers of cases.  Hello!  Social Distancing must become the new normal because the young, the strong, and the elderly are all susceptible.  Nearly 40% of cases are in the 20, 30 and 40-year old range.

Many of our businesses are open, but are not open for social gatherings at this time.  Purchase your merchandise and go directly to the safety of your home.  *Unessential travel- NO- “hanging with friends”- NO, as you will place yourself and your friends at risk.  When you have a choice, respect the warnings of Social Distancing. 

To battle this, choose “North Dakota Smart” over “North Dakota Tough”.

Blessings and be safe,

Dave Carlsrud

03/18/2020 City Operations Update re: COVID-19

For the latest City Operations & Information, please see

On Wednesday March 17, Valley City Mayor Dave Carlsrud declared a state of emergency as a proactive measure to assist in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Not only will the emergency declaration allow the City to tap into state and federal resources and funding if necessary, but the City will be better positioned to take actions that protect the health and safety of Valley City employees and residents.

Pursuant to the Mayor’s emergency powers, and in consultation with city staff, the doors to City Hall, Public Works Service Center, Transfer Station, Water Treatment Plant, and Fire Department will be closed to the public with an anticipated re-open date of April 1.  Protective measures have been taken by the Police Department and the PD lobby will remain open at this time.  City offices are fully staffed and all services will continue to be provided without interruption, including but not limited to fire and police protection, flood protection, garbage collection, and street, water, sewer, and electric service.  The purpose of the closure is to discourage discretionary travel and unnecessary person-to-person contact in the community.

Residents should call or email with any questions, concerns or business matters.  City staff will determine if access to City facilities will be granted depending on the nature of the issue and the City’s ability to handle the issue remotely.

City Commission meetings and City Planning Meetings will continue to be held as previously scheduled in the Commission Chambers at City Hall; however, in furtherance of the emergency declaration access will be limited as follows:

  • The doors to City Hall will be locked as indicated above.
  • Any interested person must call 701-845-1700 to request access.
  • Interested persons will be encouraged to call a conference line or participate remotely (information will be released as soon as possible).
  • Residents are highly encouraged to watch the broadcast (live or replay) of commission meetings on BEK channel 26 or CSI channel 68.
  • and/or KOVC radio will be given an opportunity to livestream all meetings.

Utility Bill Payments

Public Works will provide the following payment options during the emergency closure:

  • Auto-pay
    • Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form available at, and submit to Public Works, PO Box 240, Valley City, ND 58072.
  • Payment by check or money:
    • Mail to Valley City Public Works, PO Box 240, Valley City, ND 58072.
    • Drop box located in the parking lot north of the Post Office.
    • Drop box located inside the entryway to Public Works at 254 2nd Avenue NE
    • Payments deposited in the drop boxes by 8:00 AM will be credited to the previous day’s business activities.
  • Cash
    • Cash payments will be accepted in the drop boxes only for the duration of the emergency closure and must be enclosed in an envelope with information that clearly identifies the account holder and account.
  • Payment by credit card:
    • Credit card payments will be accepted by phone only for the duration of the emergency closure and only using the account holder’s credit card.  Please call 701-845-0380 during regular business hours.

Contact Information

  • City Hall—(701) 845-1700
  • Public Works—(701) 845-0380
  • Transfer Station—(701) 845-0314
  • Police Department—(701) 845-3110
  • Fire Department—(701) 845-3351

At this time the City has not acted to prohibit local travel or restrict the operations of businesses in town.  Please call local businesses directly to determine how they are responding to COVID-19.

The City of Valley City will continue to monitor this quickly evolving situation and will follow the recommendations of local, state, and federal health experts.  Residents are also encouraged to rely on accurate and current advice from trusted sources.  Covid-19 related questions will be directed to

  • City County Health District—(701) 845-8518, Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm;
  • North Dakota Department of Health hotline—(800) 207-2880, daily, 7:00am to 10:00pm;
  • Centers for Disease Control online (; and
  • North Dakota Department of Health online (

Most importantly, take steps to protect yourself and your family:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water (or hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol)
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a disposable tissue or use the inside of your elbow
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick, and practice social distancing in general
  • If you believe you or a family member is sick please stay home and call a medical professional

Public Access – City Buildings

While North Dakota, and Valley City in particular, remain at a low risk status for community transmission of the COVID-19 virus, many organizations have begun to take preventative actions in an effort to mitigate future transmission.

The City of Valley City government offices and facilities are committed to remaining accessible to members of the public until it is no longer advisable to do so.

For the safety of our employees and to assist in community mitigation efforts, Valley City residents are highly encouraged to conduct business with the City by phone or email.  Utility payments should be mailed, deposited in the drop box in the front entry of Public Works, or deposited in the drop box in the parking lot behind the Valley City Post Office. 

Residents that require personal service (ie. credit card payments) at City Hall or Public Works may be asked to remain in a designated area while they are being assisted.

Commission meetings are open to the public; however, residents are encouraged to remain at home and watch the broadcast (live or replay) on CSI channel 68 or BEK channel 26.   Members of the public who wish to address a matter of public business at the meeting should call or email City Hall in advance to request time to speak.

  • Mail payments to: Valley City Public Works, PO Box 240
  • Payment drop box: Public Works entry or USPS rear parking lot
  • City Hall phone: 701-845-1700
  • Public Works phone: 701-845-0380
  • Transfer Station phone: 701-845-0314

Additional information and updates available at:

City Declares Flood Emergency; No Imminent Threat

The City of Valley City declared a flood emergency on March 3, 2020; however, there is no imminent threat to the City. 

An emergency declaration serves to activate the response and recovery aspects of the City’s emergency operations plan and authorizes the furnishing of aid and assistance.  It is the first step to ensure that resources are available to the City before, during and after a predicted flood event.

City staff and the Board of Commissioners continue to monitor flood forecasts provided by the National Weather Service and the US Army Corp of Engineers, and are working closely with other local and state entities including Barnes County Emergency Management and the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.

Additional information, including river level forecasts for the Sheyenne River through Valley City, is available at

Updates will be provided though the City’s website and local media.

Offices & Transfer Station Closures: President’s Day

Office & Transfer Station Closings:

  • Transfer Station will be closed on Saturday, February 15.
  • Public Works, City Hall & Transfer Station will be closed on Monday, February 17.

Garbage Schedule: Week of February 20

  • Monday’s garbage will be picked up on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday & Wednesday’s garbage will be picked up on Wednesday.
  • Regular schedule resumes on Thursday.

Fire Hydrants: Time to Remove Snow

Please keep your fire hydrants clear of snow. This ensure that the Valley City Fire Department can access them in case of emergency.

During the week of February 3, 2020, Valley City State University athletes will begin clearing fire hydrants. If you need assistance cleaning your fire hydrant, please call Deb Feuerherm at (701) 845-7161 or email with the address.

You can also contact Scott Magnuson, Fire Chief at (701) 845-3351.

02/04/2020 City Commission Agenda

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
5:00 PM

Call To Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance (Please Stand)

Introduction of ND Winter Show Manager Tesa Klein

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from January 21, 27, and 29, 2020 meetings

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Approve Monthly Reports from the Fire Chief, Building Inspector, Auditor, Municipal Judge and Public Works Accountant.
  2. Approve Monthly Bills for the City and Public Works in the Amount of $                      
  3. Approve Raffle Permit for Ducks Unlimited Barnes County Chapter, Valley City High School Music Boosters

Roll Call:          Powell              Bishop             Erickson          Magnuson        Carlsrud

Public Comments

Attorney General’s “A Citizen’s Guide to North Dakota Open Records & Open Meetings Laws” *A member of the public does not have the right to speak to the governing body at an open meeting.  The public is only entitled to see and hear what happens at a meeting, and to record or broadcast those observations.

  • No personal attacks to persons present or not
  • No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform
  • 5 minute maximum or as directed by the chair
  • Thank you for participating in City Government.


  1. Approve Resolution No. 2240, a Resolution to Designate Authorized Representative for the City of Valley City as a Member of Missouri Basin Municipal Power Agency dba Missouri River Energy Services (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)

    Roll Call:          Bishop             Erickson          Magnuson        Powell              Carlsrud
  2. Approve Resolution No. 2241, a Resolution Declaring Necessity for Paving Improvements  in Paving Improvement District No. 120 (NDDOT Project# UGP-2-999(051), PCN 22280), a mill and overlay project on Central Avenue S (KLJ)

    Roll Call:          Erickson          Powell              Magnuson        Bishop             Carlsrud
  3. Approve Resolution No. 2241, a Resolution Declaring Necessity for Paving Improvements in Paving Improvement District No. 121 (2020 Seal Coat) (KLJ)

    Roll Call:          Magnuson        Bishop             Powell              Erickson          Carlsrud
  4. Approve Resolution No. 2242, a Resolution Authorizing the Public Works cash transfer to remove the Negative balances of $428,283 in the street department, and $629,777 in the water department (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)

    Roll Call:          Powell              Erickson          Magnuson        Bishop             Carlsrud

New Business

  1. Approve capital lease of Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper for five years with annual payment of $43,068.00 from Sanitation Products (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)

    Roll Call:          Bishop             Magnuson        Erickson          Powell              Carlsrud
  2. Approve underground primary wire bid from Resco in the amount of $23,606 (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)

    Roll Call:          Erickson          Bishop             Magnuson        Powell              Carlsrud
  3. Approve Renaissance Zone Authority Board recommendation for 5 year income tax exemption for tenant, Bridge City Dentistry at 239 2nd Avenue NW and designate it as VC-122 (Emma Tufte)

    Roll Call:          Magnuson        Powell              Bishop             Erickson          Carlsrud
  4. Approve Agreement for Long-Term Temporary Highway Closure with NDDOT (City Auditor Richter)

    Roll Call:          Powell              Erickson          Bishop             Magnuson        Carlsrud
  5. Consider Approving the Urban Roads Project Submittal List for Fiscal Year 2021-2024 (KLJ)

    Roll Call:          Bishop             Powell              Magnuson        Erickson          Carlsrud

City Updates & Commission Reports

02/04/2020 Finance Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
3:30 PM

Call to Order

Roll Call

Agenda items

  1. Department reports.
    1. Out of State Travel Requests
      1. Two office staff to Florida for Incode Conference in April (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)
  2. Review 5th Avenue NW lighting options (Electric Superintendent Senf)
  3. Review underground primary wire bid for 2020 underground projects (Electric Superintendent Senf)
  4. Review 5 year lease of Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper from Sanitation Products (Public Works Superintendent Differding & Public Works Accountant Jacobson)
  5. Review monthly bills/reports (10 minutes) – (President Carlsrud)
    1. Review the PW cash transfer requests to remove the Negative balances of $428,283 in the street department, and $629,777 in the water department (Public Works Accountant Jacobson)
  6. Discuss Newman Signs expenditure that exceeds CVB budget (Mary Lee Nielson)
  7. Longest Table Project Update from Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation (Andrea Nelson at 4:00 PM)
  8. Discuss request for amendment of V.C.M.C. 5-01-10 regarding animal tethering (Angie Martin)
  9. State Water Commission Update (KLJ & President Carlsrud)
  10. Review Urban Roads Submittal for Fiscal Years 2021 – 2024 (KLJ)


As Spring Approaches, Valley City Residents are Encouraged to Consider Purchasing Flood Insurance

The City of Valley City is actively monitoring forecasts and conditions in anticipation of a potential 2020 spring flooding event. The first Spring Flood Outlook issued last week by the National Weather Service (NWS) serves as a good reminder for residents to utilize the City’s flood stage map at to determine potential property impacts.

As always, residents are encouraged to consider purchasing flood insurance and to be aware of the 30-day delay until the policy goes into effect after the purchase date.

The City of Valley City and Barnes County will be jointly collaborating this year in the event sandbagging operations become necessary. The City of Valley City’s administration, department heads, and engineers will be meeting to plan for various contingencies to ensure Valley City is well-prepared to protect its citizens, infrastructure and community.