10.5.2021 Finance Minutes

Called To Order

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.

Roll Call

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Bishop and Commissioner Gulmon, Commissioner Erickson (2:45)

Commission Topics

Discussion took place around the following topics:

Commissioner Long Range Planning Ideas,

RRVWSP information

Department of Water Resources Funding

Department Reports

Sanitation Supervisor Swart requested people try to get closer to the piles when dumping in the grass site.  We are looking for another two new employees.

City Administrator Crawford presented some additional options to try to bring in new employees on the sanitation department.  They will post for part-time positions at a higher wage but no benefits.

Water Superintendent Hesch reported he and Clint will be going to a convention next week and Sherry will be recognized for her Operator’s Award.

Electrical Superintendent Senf reported they have given a manufacturer west of town a bid for 3 phase.  Finished up Smith Lumber today.  We’re having trouble getting quotes back for the WAPA sub.  Everyone wants concrete and its sounds like they are hard to push into the ground.  Either we do the work or hire someone in to do the work.  People don’t want to bid since it’s a foundation.

Fire Chief Magnuson reported this week is Fire Prevention week.  We’ll be waiting until spring to have our open house after we get the addition done.  10 true calls of service last month.  Building is on schedule.  Battle of the Badges is next week.  We picked up all the Summit and Bergan’s properties.  It is working and the numbers will increase.

Operations Supervisor Klemisch reported the next couple of weeks will be busy getting everything wrapped up for the season.  Will start flushing hydrants either this week or next week.  We are a little slower since several of the street crew have been getting sent over to sanitation.  

City Administrator Crawford reported that we are still under our contract funds in the engineering and contracting services.  Planning and Zoning is more than what the original plan but we never could have guessed that we would have all this going on.  There is a walking trail that Bobby is trying to establish near the property that Dave Zubrod recently purchased.  We agreed to have the trail on the back side of that property but after some discussion with Bobby is sounds like he would like it in another area but Zubrod is not in agreement with the new area.  Discussion took place and it will still in the original location.

Review Monthly Bills/Reports Finance Director Richterreported we are at $2,383,808.22 with MRES at $459,000, purchase of Valley Implements at $470,000, BND debt $348,400, Bluescope for the Fire Hall addition invoice of $78,000, Infrastructure and construction was $372,000 the other two sirens were $21,500.  Payroll was high at $428,000 due to paying the annual fire department payment.

Discuss Image & Enhancement and Food and Beverage Grant Requirements

City Administrator Crawford requested we change the name of the Food and Beverage Grant to the Valley City Tourism Grant due to people not being clear on what the grant is for.  Reading it now it seems it’s for restaurants but it’s not.  The other is that for $1000-$5000 they are required to provide their financial information.  Many have decided not to apply due to this, they are concerned in providing this information for their competition to see.  It’s also cumbersome for $1000, there is no encouragement to apply. 

Commissioner Gulmon added that the two most critical things required should be that the taxes are paid and credit check.

Decision was made to change the name of the grant and removing the requirement to provide financial statements.

Discuss Request for a Path/Trail along Wintershow Road

Chad from KLJ stated this was discussed as a need at the Longest Table event.  We have a few letters of support for a trail along the road.  The discussion happened before the grant information opened up through the DOT.  The application has a deadline of December 31st, 2021 and the funding is for the 2025 construction season.

Discuss Benches on Main

City Administrator Crawford stated we found out that we cannot put anything on the sidewalk areas that are the white concrete because of ADA.  So originally the thought was to put the benches with backs against the buildings but now that can’t be done and if we set them on the red they don’t work well.  We’d like to get backless benches on Main and move the ones with the backs on Central.

Discuss recommendations from the Special Assessment Commission regarding the 5th Ave NW Reconstruction Project.

Deputy Auditor Klein stated the Special Assessment Commission met last Wednesday night and had the hearing for 5th Ave N. They were fine with the amounts listed but if you saw in the minutes they had recommendations.  They would like the city to work on the landscaping, grass on the boulevards and the other was about the seal coat.  They would like it completed sooner than later and the city pick up the cost of that sealcoat.

Commissioner Bishop asked if we are able to withhold payment from the contractors until they fix the issues.

Chad from KLJ stated we are withholding 2% of the contract, we do still have punch list items that need addressing.

Discuss Stan Ryan Easement

City Administrator Crawford stated basically there was an easement previously developed with Stan and he no longer wants it developed that way.  City Administrator Crawford presented another drawing that has been discussed that will allow further development in that area.


The meeting was adjourned at ­4:53 PM.

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