12.5.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hello Everybody,

  • A “White Christmas”?  We received a pretty white snow Saturday night and at this time of the year, it is likely to be here for a while.
  • Last Thursday night the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce facilitated the “Parade of Lights “.  It was a beautiful December evening with a great crowd and a big number of parade units participating.  Kudos to all the folks who prepared floats, cars, dogs, trucks, etc., as it seemed evident that considerable work and passion were involved.  Thank you all.
  • One of our local Salvation Army Bell Ringers shared a nice story of benevolence.  “A college age person walked by without leaving anything in the kettle.  A few minutes later he returned with a hand full of coins for the kettle.  He said, “I cleaned out my car”.  The person shared, due to shortage of money, he had taken the year off school to earn enough for the next semester.   Really nice!                  ** Ringing the Bell can be very heartwarming, why not give it a try?  Call 701-541-1418 to sign up.
  • This is a time of the year when people of different Faiths celebrate special events within their respective religions.  Let us be compassionate and respectful of all, especially of those who may worship differently than we do.
  • Be “prudent” as COVID is still lingering.
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “Compassion is an action word with no boundaries.”                                             (Prince)  Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,


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