1.23.2022 Mayor’s Message

Hi Folks,

  • I hope yours was a nice, safe weekend.
  • Last week Sue and I had the pleasure of touring the VCSU Center For the Arts.  The building is spectacular and something about which our community can be very proud.  It was built with state of the art technology; it is functional and certainly beautiful.  Many people worked many years bringing it to fruition so “thank you” to all who did.  I think there is something of interest there for almost everyone so watch for touring opportunities.
  • Friday evening we had a power outage in the south half of town.  Due to wind causing loping wires over time, there was an insulator tracking to the pole ground igniting a fire on the pole.  The pole broke at the middle insulator causing the transmission to trip out leaving part of town, including basketball games at the Bubble, out of power”.  Because there is redundancy in our system, our Electrical Dept. was able to reroute power in about an hour so life to which we have become accustom could resume.  Thank you to the team for a great job.
  • Our Public Works Department is moving snow daily in addition to the demands of everyday duties.  One of the tasks is widening streets as time permits, but about the time they get rolling, it snows again and they are back to cleaning streets!  Please be patient, as the frequency with which we have been receiving snow, removing it appears to be a bit like a marathon.
  • COVID numbers are exploding!  Saturday, ND positives were 11,991 and Barnes County’s were 137! The highest numbers are in the 20 – 39 age group; this is also the group with the fewest vaccinations.  It seems vaccination is proving to be the best defense; please get vaccinated!
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “Sportsmanship, next to the church, is the greatest teacher of morals.”         (Herbert Hoover)             Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,


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