6.19.2022 Mayor’s Message

Hello Folks,

  • Thanks to all of you who invested some time in making your properties look nice for the weekend.  I saw people mowing lawns, trimming grass and weeds enhancing Valley City’s beauty.  Great job everybody.
  • Kudos go out to all who facilitated a wonderful Rally in the Valley in spite of it being hot and windy. There was a great crowd, vendors, many vehicles for the show, breakfast at the Barnes County Airport and a delightful parade.
  • Late Saturday afternoon there was a “warm” dedication ceremony at the Hi Line Prairie Gardens and Community Orchard complete with a great chocolate cake and lemonade.  Thank you to all the people who work so passionately beautifying the area.
  • *  The temperatures will be very hot for a while, so air conditioners will be running for our comfort.  That is fine, but please avoid running dishwashers, clothes washers or other optional appliances during traditional breakfast, lunch or dinner times.  We need to avoid demand charges and rolling blackouts.
  • A little “trailer” from our vacation while flying home, we had a nice bus ride from Devils Lake to Jamestown instead.  We met people from Reno, NV, Luverne and Lancaster, MN.  They were delightful, we all visited a “bunch” and I am grateful for the experience.  Sometimes plans are “changed” for the better.
  • Contributors; thank you again for helping this week.
  • “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”                                                                                                                         (Albert Einstein)
  • Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,


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