5.6.2024 Finance Meeting

Called to Order

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.

Roll Call

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Erickson, Commissioner Gulmon.

Other present: City Administrator Crawford, City Attorney Martineck, Finance Director Klein, Administrative Assistant Hintz

Department Reports

Sanitation Department

Sanitation Supervisor Swart discussed the grass sites available for Resident’s. They are open 24/7 and are for branches less than 3” in diameter and no processed wood. Larger branches can be taken to the transfer station and disposed of inside at no charge during regular business hours. Residential Clean Up week, piles must be sorted per the brochures and keep piles 3’ away from your container. Questions, call the transfer station at 701-845-0314. Electronic waste disposal for Residential and Businesses will be accepted during this year’s clean-up week at the transfer station during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4PM. Materials will be weighed and there is a cost of $.75 per pound, cash only. Planned route for clean-up will be SW, SE, NE & then NW. Reminder: handles towards the house.

Water Department

Water Superintendent Hesch reminded us all that it is seasonal water change time for water quality. With the change in the river water flows, they are running their Nano filters all day so you will see a difference in your water quality. It is safe to drink.  If you have concerns about your water, please call into Public Works at 701-845-0380 and a service order will be started.

Electric Department

Darwin Suhr updated the Commission on the 1 outage from last month. The areas that they are working on as summer approaches. The lights on the walking bridge are starting to burn out. They will be looking into the cost of replacing the lights and bringing that to the next finance meeting.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Magnuson went over his run sheet from the previous month. Still very busy with all the trainings going on. Concentrating on the nuisance notifications around town. The Fire Department purchased just under $40,000. worth of new equipment including a new spreader, a new cutter as well as several thermal imagers using the funds they raised at their annual smoker.

Police Department

Police Chief Horner shared that a few Officers have been to training and they are bringing what they learned and holding some internal trainings for all the officers. Kim Toth was introduced to the Commissioners. Kim is the new Animal & Parking Code Enforcement Officer. Judge Goven remains out of the office so Municipal Court will be held via Zoom this month using a Municipal Judge out of Jamestown.

Street Department

Operations Supervisor Klemisch updated the Commissioners that the crack sealing is done. Tree clean up will happen the week of May 20th. Branches and small trees must be piled together on your boulevard and will be picked up by the grapple forks. Smaller sticks and twigs that fall will not be picked or raked up, they will be the responsibility of the owner. Trying to work on gravel areas and alleys. Hydrant flushing will begin shortly.


City Administrator Crawford gave an update on the Living Local App and how great the process has been.  It has been fun watching all the groups working together and having a say in the application. It will be beneficial having 1 location for all the information on what is happening in our area.

Finance Director Klein will be sending out the 2025 budget calendar shortly.

New Items

Finance Director Klein brought up to the Commission the loan that the Valley City Barnes County Public Library may apply for through the Rural Development Finance Corporation as they plan for their rooftop replacement and restoration projects. Hilde Van Gijssel is requesting a Public Hearing on the matter at the May 21st, 2024, Commission Meeting. The Commission agreed to add this to the May 21st, 2024 Commission meeting.

Commissioner Magnuson discussed the rotation that is currently in place for the Library Board and the proposed change. This will take a bylaws amendment for the Library Board & City Attorney Martineck will draw up a new agreement for how the City and the County sets out how those positions are appointed.

President Carlsrud, Commissioner Gulmon and Commissioner Bishop shared their views on the Red River Water Supply Project. Discussion on the costs of the project and on the true need of this project was had. They did request that a Presentation from RRWSP or Greg Bischoff be set up for the Board at the next Finance Meeting.

President Carlsrud shared some of the changes with Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). This is where we receive our hydro power. There will be some rate increases coming in 2025 or 2026. This is due to the demand for increased power and water supply. There are a couple large projects coming up repairing their current infrastructure.

President Carlsrud discussed the need for another full-time employee to assist the City Administrator & the City Attorney. The Commissioners all agree to the need for this position and would like to move forward on this process.

City Administrator Crawford shared the updated requirements for the Sale of the NW Industrial property. A minimum price was set for all 7.48 acres as it should be sold as 1 unit. This piece should be moved to the Non-primary Sector. It must be developed and a structure must be built within the first 24 months. City Attorney Martineck will clarify requirements in the draft. We want to be clear as possible up front on what is and is not, right now it must be developed in accordance with the I1 Industrial except for your self-storage and your open storage and the requirement of a minimum structure for the bidding process.   

City Administrator Crawford discussed the Memorandum of Understanding with the Water Trail Advisory Committee and recommended approval to sign.

Police Chief Horner discussed the need for replacing the current body cams, tasers and in-car cameras that our officers are currently using. The company that made the current cameras are no longer in service so there are no updates being made. The parts needed to fix them must be purchased through a 3rd party vender. They started with 12 cameras and are down to just 6 working now. The batteries on the cameras do not last an entire shift. A car system did go out but they were able to get it to work again. Grants are being applied for but they have not heard the results. Commissioners asked Chief Horner to get current quotes and bring to the next Finance Meeting.

City Administrator Crawford invited David Wick to join the meeting via Zoom and give an update on Viking Trailer Court. He is working with the residents to clean up their trailers and buildings. His plan is to spend $15,000. yearly towards the road and drainage project as directed by the engineers. The Commissioners have asked Wick for a tentative plan for the future.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:54 PM.

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