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Beginning May 2 - new landfill hours!
     Weekdays  8 am - 5:30 pm including lunch hour.

              Saturdays  9 am - 1 pm

  It's Coming.......

                 CLEAN UP W
EEK !!

Valley City residents annual cleanup week is May 9 through May 13.  Residents are encouraged to clean up, clean off, and clean out their properties.  ON YOUR REGULAR GARBAGE PICKUP DAY, put all your garbage including the extra out in your regular pick up spot by 7 a.m.  There is no limit of bags, cans, boxes and no extra charge.   We will pick up general household garbage, couches, chairs, furniture, shrubs, branches and wood (DO NOT bag or  box branches!).  Paints and liquids can be disposed of in a dry, hardened form.  Cat litter or sawdust can be used to absorb the liquid.  Empty cans can be left out with garbage, or LEFTOVER PAINT WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE LANDFILL DURING CLEAN UP WEEK!

Residents can take their appliances to Truck and Auto Salvage or Valley Recycling.  There may be a fee for refrigeration of freezing units with Freon.

WE WILL NOT PICK UP - tires, batteries, scrap metal, grass, leaves or yard waste.  Help the garbage crews by putting garbage into boxes, bags or casn not to exceed 32 gallons, or 50 lbs.

New flood construction information!  Check under City Information.