12/6/2020 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everyone,

  • Heartfelt:  A “Blue Christmas Tree” in Veterans Park on Main Street is decorated with blue lights in remembrance of community members who died this past year.  Those who carry grief with them in this season are invited to visit the tree, be sad, be grateful be prayerful, and remember those you loved.  Sponsors are: The Barnes County Ministerial Association, Oliver-Nathan Funeral Chapel, and Lerud-Schuldt-Mathias Funeral Home.  Thank you all.
  • There seems to be more walkers and joggers out around town enjoying the nice weather.  Please remember to face traffic when running or walking, wear bright colors and reflective gear for protection from distracted drivers.
  • Thank you to all you motorists who have been stopping for pedestrians at intersections. 
  • COVID is really raising havoc around our country and our county.  Our positive cases per10K are about 100.  This is pretty high so please protect yourself and others.       Mask-UP in respect for those you are near.
  • That we are a relatively small community in a smaller county in a smaller state, we need to work together for success.   So, kudos to Valley City Public Works and NDDOT as the two partnered to clean the ditch plugged by erosion from Exit 290 south towards the Landfill.  Great job everyone & thank you.
  • Religious Faiths recognize a number of holidays this time of the year.  Some traditions include illuminated decorations.  Light can help our behavioral health too so if you have a little urge to display some holiday lighting, please do.  You may help someone feel better, maybe you as well.
  • PLEASE RECYCLE CARDBOARD:  Cardboard thrown in the garbage costs ALL CITIZENS as we must pay for landfill disposal.  Please recycle all you can, especially cardboard.  Thank you.

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”                               (Lou Holtz)                                                   

Blessings, Pray and Be Safe,


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