11.21.2021 Mayors Message

“Hi Folks,

  • Thanksgiving is Thursday.  Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest and Blessings of the past year.  Please express your gratitude with family and friends.
  • Thanks to all of you who cleaned your sidewalks following the snow we had.  It appears some hire snow removal and that is fine though some are leaving a pile of snow on the neighbor’s sidewalk.  Please be good neighbors and have your contractor sweep/push excess snow off the sidewalk.  Thank you.
  • Small Business Saturday is THIS Saturday.  The weather forecast is promising so make plans to visit some small businesses and “hang out” with folks uptown for a while.
  • Last week was American Education Week.  When you see educators who are teaching our children and grandchildren, please tell them “thank you”.
  • It is time for “Santa, Cops and Kids”.  Please contact the VCPD for further information.
  • For saving opportunities, see Bright Energy Solutions offered through our Electrical Dept. and MRES; www.brightenergysolutions.com
  • The best mitigation for COVID is vaccination.  For we older folks who had vaccinations early, data shows it is important we have the booster.  Me being vaccinated help protect my family, friends and myself. 
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “There is more to life than just being a passenger.”                                           (Amelia Earhart)  Blessings, Respect Others, Be Kind and Pray,


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