12.25.2022 Mayor’s Message

Hello Everybody,

  • Whatever Holiday you may have celebrated over the weekend, I pray that you all experienced peace, love and hope.  We enjoyed catching up with family and friends, gosh those younger folks grow up so fast!
  • With our area schools on break, hopefully students and all personnel can enjoy a little time away from the “routine”.  It may be no homework, some building maintenance, fewer lesson plans or just “gone fish’n”.  What ever it may be, enjoy your break.
  • Our whole City Staff has done a great job battling MORE snow, more ice, fielding calls from citizens in need and all related activities.  Thank you to the team.
  • Good news, each day since the Winter Solstice we are seeing a few more minutes of daylight!
  • We have a great number of rough roads, high snow banks, ice everywhere and these conditions will be this way for quite awhile.  Driving & walking will be dangerous so both will require extra caution to be safe.  Please “Drive and walk as conditions dictate”.
  • Though there is a little more snow than most would like,  it did make for a beautiful “White Christmas”.   
  • * Thank you for recycling; will you please break down cardboard boxes to maximize room in dumpsters?
  • How about a “hats off” & thanks to our Garbage Crew?  They have been crawling over snowbanks, fighting bitter cold and ice getting to your garbage.  Will you all please clean a path to your garbage containers, the crew will appreciate it, thanks.
  • Blessings and thank you all who so graciously gave to the Barnes County Salvation Army Kettle Campaign this year.
  • Thanks to all who provide and proof material for this article.
  • I am happy because I am grateful.  I choose to be grateful. That gratitude allows me to be happy.”                                      ~ Will Arnett                                    

Blessings, Pray and Be Grateful,


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