11.27.2023 Mayor’s Message



  • Hi Everybody,
  • I hope you all had a Blessed Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends.
  • Scams have become more prevalent recently.  Earlier, scams were predominantly through phone, mail & e-mail, but now texting has been included.  That I am an “older” person, I am a target regularly receiving “Phishing” attacks.  The scammers will pose as your bank, a hospital, IRS, as one of your relatives or friends!  If you are contacted through one of the aforementioned mediums and you aren’t sure, DO NOT open!  Delete it and/or contact someone you know who is knowledgeable & can provide guidance for you.  
  • Having 2nd Avenue NE open again is pretty handy and the new look around Leevers is really attractive.  Please be careful around the edges of the parking lot, STAY OFF the newly seeded grass.  Thank you.
  • Small Business Saturday was a busy day in Valley City.  The “Light Parade” took place at 6:00 followed by the “Lighting Ceremony” and hot chocolate in Veterans Park.  Thanks to everyone who made the “day” happen and to all the people who came out in the beautiful “crisp” evening.  
  • Thank you to our Electrical Department for expanding and “tweaking” our Christmas lighting.  There are new decorative light hangings illuminating over Main Street East and West.  The “Selfie Wreath” is also new and located in Veterans Park ….. great photo opportunities.  Please enjoy.
  • Former Division II North Central Conference schools, University of North Dakota, North Dakota State University, South Dakota State University and University of South Dakota currently play football in the Division I Missouri Valley Conference.  All four made the NCAA FCS Championship Play-offs.  It is quite an achievement, congratulations to all.
  • Friday evening was the Firemen’s Dance Fundraiser.  Thank you to all who made it a successful event.
  • Thanks to all who provide and proof material for this article.                     
  • Perhaps no custom reveals our character as a Nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day.”                       ~ Ronald Reagan                   

                                                  Blessings, Pray, be Grateful and Respectful,


Dave Carlsrud

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