4.2.2024 Finance Minutes

City Commission Finance Meeting

Valley City, North Dakota

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

3:30 PM

Called to Order

President Carlsrud called the meeting to order at 3:30 PM.

Roll Call

Members present: President Carlsrud, Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Erickson, Commissioner Gulmon.

Other present: City Administrator Crawford, City Attorney Martineck, Finance Director Klein, Administrative Assistant Hintz

Commission Topics

City Administrator Crawford discussed changing the process and timeline for the Financial Reports. Having the report due at the mid-month meeting will allow the team more time to prepare and share a more up to date report. Joy Kiefert, Lead Accounting Clerk and Brandy Johnson, Deputy Auditor spoke as well on the change. Commissioner Gulmon recommended the Commissioners accept the change.

Commissioner Gulmon raised the topic of the NW Industrial Property to sell for non-primary usage. A list of topics was in the material package that will need to be discussed and answers determined before proceeding with the sale of the property.

Commissioner Magnuson asked the question, “What is the goal of the City, growing our City and future developments?” Commissioners shared their views.

City Administrator Crawford proposed new times for the Finance Commission meetings. It was decided that all Finance meetings will be scheduled to start at 2:30PM monthly and adjusted as needed. Commission meetings will remain at 5:00PM.

Department Reports

Sanitation Department

Sanitation Supervisor Swart reminded all that garbage container handles should face the house and there should be 3 feet of clearance around your container. The Residential Can Count Report is now included in the materials packet for the Commissioners to review.  Swart also explained the “Clean-Up” week poster and how it breaks down the sorting of materials, the dates, possible charges and where non-collected items may be taken for disposal or recycling.

Water Department

Water Superintendent Hesch informed all that the 2023 Water Quality Report has been printed in the Newspaper and posted to the City’s Website & Social Media. Hesch also reported on the water loss project. The Water Treatment Plant will be switching out a flow meter that measures the water flowing from the plant to the towers. The current meter does not account for the water that is back flowing into the plant when the heat pumps are shut down. The new meter will measure flow both ways. Busy with maintenance, replacing seals.

Electric Department

Electrical Superintendent Senf reported on the outages for last month, there were 3. Working on trimming trees and will soon start work on the underground project.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Magnuson went over his monthly run sheet. 17 calls for service last month. Currently working on some nuisance items and getting them cleaned up. Working on the Dangerous Buildings, a few of the asbestos reports are now completed. Going to add a couple garages to the list. The boat is completely ready to go, just need water.  Fire Fighter 1 Class is going with 16 participants. There is also a First Responder Class currently in process.

Police Department

Police Chief Horner reported on the Grants for Body Cams, working on another Grant in April for Security around the building. The Team has been busy. Due to an increase in School Bus passing violations, they have increased their presence near the school zones. Horner also displayed the “Moto-Shot” demo. It is used to train Officers on shooting at a moving target. They have reached out to other departments and agencies to give them a chance to use it as well. Currently they are assessing their body cam & car systems but are looking at what it will need to fix or replace. Andrea Suhr did put her resignation in after 24 years of service with the department. They will be posting for that position.

Street Department

Operations Supervisor Klemisch shared that the County will be doing some soil boring & sampling by the Viking Bridge. Ben Lokken is now fully certified as an Operator 4 having passed his last 2 tests. Congratulations. They will be starting crack sealing in the next week or so. Doing some street and curb painting. Flushing of hydrants. Looking at getting into a couple alleys as they dry up. This led to a discussion on alleys and what it will take for repairs and clean-up as this is an on-going issue every year.


City Attorney Martineck discussed a piece of property that was deeded to the Jewett’s back in 1999. This deed was never recorded. The Jewett’s have been paying the taxes since 1999. They are now selling this property so Martineck is recommending a Quit Claim of this property over to Joan Jewett to clear this matter. Commissioners agree with the recommendation. City Attorney Martineck talked about the incapacity of our Municipal Judge and we do not have a clear date of his return. He informed Commission, if needed, has the authority to appoint an interim Municipal Judge. Currently, cases are being scheduled into May to buy time. Steps are being taken to find options should this become necessary.

Finance Director Klein reviewed the bid openings for the Seal Coat Project for this summer. The Engineers estimate is listed on the spreadsheet and is much less than even the lowest bid. City Engineer Peterson and Finance Director Klein recommend rejecting the current bids and take some time to look at other options to reduce the costs.

Review monthly bills/reports

Finance Director Klein reported expenditures in the amount of $2,144,801 for the month.

Quarterly Engineer Report

Total Budgeted for the year is $90,000. For the first quarter, general engineering is at $12,324. and planning is at $8,338. We are at a good place for the first quarter.

Discuss the rental of the National Guard Building. Should we be charging a deposit prior to renting instead of a possible janitorial fee after an event has taken place.  Rate and deposit ideas will be brought to the next meeting for more discussion.

Discussion on putting the house at 446 8th Ave NE up for bids for removal. A person reached out wanting to buy the home and move it to a different location. The Asbestos test came back with asbestos in the ceiling.Regardless of the decision, will asbestos need to be mitigated?  It was decided to start the process to sell the house if possible.

City Administrator Crawford read a note from David Wick regarding the items that need to be taken care of at Viking Trailer Court as well as a timeline.  They will continue to work on the needed repairs.

There was also discussion on the construction projects and how they will affect different road closures for this summer’s community events. The Chamber has already been made aware and are working with the City on alternate plans.

City Engineer Peterson shared the plan for the upcoming Secarse, 6th Ave, 6th St & 7th St project.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:46 PM.

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