04/03/2018 City Commission Meeting

City Commission Meeting
Tuesday, April 3, 2018
5:00 PM

Call to Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance (please stand)

Recognition of Mayor for a Day

City Government Week Proclamation

Approval of Agenda – Remove Consent C, N9 & N11

Approval of Minutes

Minutes from March 20 and March 29, 2018 meetings

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Approve Monthly Reports from the Fire Chief, Building Inspector, Auditor, Municipal Judge and Public Works Accountant.
  2. Approve Monthly Bills for the City and Public Works in the Amount of $2,646,288.49
  3. Approve Block off the Street Request for Valley City High School on April 28, 2018 on 4th Street NW from Central Avenue to 2nd Avenue NW
  4. Approve Request to Block off the Street for Valley City Public Schools on May 9, 2018 on 2nd Ave NW from 4th Street NW to 5th Street NW
  5. Approve Raffle Permit for Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce

Roll Call:          Powell              Bishop              Pedersen           Magnuson            Carlsrud

Public Comments

Attorney General’s “A Citizen’s Guide to North Dakota Open Records & Open Meetings Laws” *A member of the public does not have the right to speak to the governing body at an open meeting.  The public is only entitled to see and hear what happens at a meeting, and to record or broadcast those observations.

  • No personal attacks to persons present or not
  • No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform
  • 5 minute maximum or as directed by the chair
  • Thank you for participating in City Government.

New Business

N1. Consider financial support for the South Central Seniors Transportation (Pat Hansen)
Roll Call:          Bishop              Pedersen           Magnuson         Powell              Carlsrud

N2. Consider Request for $7,500 from the Reserved Streetscape Project Funds for Chamber of Commerce for one-time construction marketing (Bobby Koepplin)
Roll Call:          Pedersen           Magnuson        Bishop              Powell              Carlsrud

N3. Consider Food & Beverage Grant Request for Chamber of Commerce in the amount of $32,000 (Bobby Koepplin)
Roll Call:          Magnuson        Powell              Pedersen           Bishop              Carlsrud

N4. Consider Image Enhancement Grant from Mobility Plus Rehabilitation, Ltd. in the amount of $1,000 (Bobby Koepplin)
Roll Call:          Powell              Pedersen           Magnuson         Bishop              Carlsrud

N5. Approve awarding bid for planting of trees for the ND Forest Service grant to Pine Country Nursery in the amount of $14,617.00 (Bobby Koepplin)
Roll Call:          Bishop              Magnuson        Powell              Pedersen            Carlsrud

N6. Receive the Valley City Fire Department Annual Report (Fire Chief Retterath)

N7. Approve part-time staff for VCFD to create pre-plan building fire protection program (Fire Chief Retterath)
Roll Call:          Pedersen           Powell              Bishop              Magnuson            Carlsrud

N8. Approve Gaming Site Authorization for Edgar A. Fisher Post 60 of the American Legion
Roll Call:          Magnuson        Bishop              Powell              Pedersen            Carlsrud

N9. REMOVED – Approve NDDOT Cost Participation, Construction & Maintenance Agreement for UGP-SU-2-990(057), Central Avenue from Main to 12th St N (KLJ)
Roll Call:          Powell              Magnuson        Pedersen           Bishop              Carlsrud

N10. Approve NDDOT Cost Participation, Construction & Maintenance Agreement for UGP-SU-2-990(055)059, 3rd Avenue SE from 4th St SE to Main St (KLJ)
Roll Call:          Bishop              Powell              Magnuson        Pedersen            Carlsrud

N11. Approve 2017 Year end transfers and assigned funds as prepared by City’s Finance Director (City Auditor Richter)
Roll Call:          Pedersen           Bishop              Powell              Magnuson            Carlsrud

N12. Appoint contact for the ND Water Coalition State Water Commission (City Administrator Schelkoph)
Roll Call:          Magnuson        Pedersen           Bishop              Powell             Carlsrud

City Administrator’s Report

City Updates & Commission Reports


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