1.3.2021 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody.

  • Happy New Year, 2020 is in the rear view mirror! 
  • A few Blessings are; nice weather, lower COVID numbers and COVID Vaccines that look like they will be affective.  We can be grateful.
  • Welcome back students.  Classes resume at VCPS January 4th and VCSU January 11th.  You are still having face-to-face schooling because of your diligent battling of COVID to date. Congratulations to all.
  • High School Seniors, remember to complete scholarship forms for financial aid.  Whether you are going to a two-year or four-year school there are scholarships available. If you spend a couple hours preparing a form and get $250, you were paid $125 per hour!  When completing multiple forms, some information may be copied and pasted. Every year there are scholarship dollars going unclaimed so “take a shot”.
  • The other day on National News a doctor encouraged people to keep their decorative lighting up longer.  He said lights are positive for lifting our spirits.  If yours are still up, please consider leaving them a bit longer.  Maybe it will be your place that makes a difference for someone.
  • COVID numbers are down because you are doing good jobs with preventive measures.  Congratulations and continue doing the right things.

“And freedom is what America means to the world.”       (Audie Murphy, American Soldier)                                                   

Blessings, Pray, Be Safe and Be Kind,


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