8.21.2023 Mayor’s Message



Hello Everybody,

  • Our weather over the weekend, certainly reached opposite ends of the spectrum.  Warm/hot and sticky Saturday with Sunday being cool & cloudy.  Ah, the variety of North Dakota weather!
  • Some have asked, “Why is the construction company rolling soil back and forth?”  A view from 10,000 feet is, due to rain, the soil is too wet to backfill, so it is worked to dry it.  It needs to be dry enough to backfill without air voids and moist enough to compact.
  • Many of you have received letters referring to Permanent Flood Protection (PFP) CLOMR Mapping.  FEMA requires notification of all who may be affected by a change in the 1% (100-year) annual water surface elevation due to the PFP and qualify for certification.  If you are comfortable with the information, do nothing, if you have questions, follow the directions in said letter.
  • Sunday morning following church, Sue Mindy (our dog) and I went for a walk.  There was the slightest breeze, colors were vivid and the river was flowing lazily down its stream.  It was surreal; think about going out and looking around our beautiful community.
  • There are more and more Maple trees showing signs of Chlorosis.  If your Maple or other trees have symptoms, please have them checked to see if you can save them.  BEFORE you purchase and plant a tree, please consult with our city forester, our county agent or stop at city hall for a pamphlet to ensure you are planting a tree that will likely succeed in your soil.  
  • Awhile ago I attended a high school class reunion.  Even though we are looking older, the conversations seem to pick up right where we left off years ago.  I am very grateful to have attended and saw so many “old” friends.  It was delightful.  Think about attending yours.
  • Thanks to all who provide and proof material for this article.                     
  • The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten.”    ~ Calvin Coolidge                        

                                                  Blessings, Pray, be Grateful and Respectful,


Dave Carlsrud

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