City Government Week Proclamation

City Government Week Proclamation

Whereas, city government is the government closest to most citizens and the one with the most direct daily impact upon its residents; and

Whereas,  city government is administered for and by its citizens and is dependent upon public commitment to and understanding of its many responsibilities; and

Whereas,  City government officials and employees share the responsibility to pass along their understanding of public services and their benefits; and

Whereas,  north Dakota city government week is a very important time to recognize the important role played by city government in our lives; and

Whereas,  the North Dakota League of Cities and its member cities seek to teach
students and other citizens about municipal government through a variety of different projects and information; and

Whereas,  North Dakota City Government Week offers an important opportunity to
convey to all citizens of North Dakota that they can shape and influence government through their civic involvement.

Now, Therefore, Be it resolved by the City of Valley City as follows:

Section 1. That the City of Valley City does encourage all citizens, city government officials and employees to do everything possible to ensure that this week is recognized and celebrated accordingly.

Section 2. That the City of Valley City does encourage educational parternships between city government and schools.

Section 3. That the City of Valley City does support and encourage all City Governments to actively promote and sponsor North Dakota City Government Week.

Dave Carlsrud, Mayor
April 2, 2019


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