2019 Board of Equalization Minutes

2019 Board of Equalization Proceedings
April 9, 2019
4:00 PM City Hall

President Carlsrud presided and continued with roll call.

Members present: Commissioner Bishop, Commissioner Magnuson, Commissioner Erickson.

Members absent: Commissioner Powell.

Others Present: City Administrator Schelkoph, Finance Director Richter, Assessor Hansen, City Attorney Martineck, Police Chief Hatcher.

Finance Director Richter read North Dakota Century Code sections 57-11-01, 03 and 07 pertaining to the duties of the Board of Equalization.

President Carlsrud declared the hearing open at 4:04 P.M. City Assessor Sandy Hansen reported the changes in property values within the city for 2019. An overall summary was read and submitted, with the breakdown as follows:


Property Type  2018 State Certified Values 2019 Projected Totals $ Change % Change
Residential land $32,950,320 $34,837,100 $1,886,780 5.73%
Residential structure $208,857,280 $212,561,200 $3,703,920 1.77%
Grand Total: Residential $241,807,600 $247,398,300 $5,590,700 2.31%
Commercial Land $32,309,381 $33,130,681 $821,300 2.54%
Commercial Structure $116,505,301 $118,677,009 $2,171,708 1.86%
Grand Total: Commercial $148,814,682 $151,807,690 $2,993,008 2.01%
Agricultural land $91,700 $95,700 $4,000 4.36%
Grand Total: Agricultural Land $91,700 $95,700 $4,000 4.36%
Total Market Value $390,713,982 $399,301,690 $8,587,708 2.20%


City Assessor Hansen reported the parcel for Love’s Annexation will be added to the rolls with approximately $550,000 of true and full value at the County Equalization meeting as the documents were recorded after the City deadline.


Forty-eight notices of increase were sent out. The following property owners contacted City Assessor Hansen regarding the notice of increase for 2019.


Parcel Number Property Owner Requested Change
63-3551523 Lee Olsberg There was a change in value due to cement pad added to property. After conversation, no requested change.
63-2900062 Chad Wendel Property owner received notice of increase because two year property tax exemption ended. Hansen recommended using the 2018 true and full value of $646,800 as there are no comps in the market. Hansen would like to study oversized homes to review market values in the City.

In 2017, the neighborhood was at $187/square foot. The proposed value is $191+/square foot. New construction is currently at $156/square foot in Valley City. At $187/square foot, the value is $770,000.

Commissioner Bishop and Commissioner Erickson recommended setting 2019 true and full value at $700,000. President Carlsrud recommended following the recommendation of the City Assessor and allowing her time to review the values.

[see below for final action]

No written comments were received by City Auditor.

Commissioner Bishop moved to close the hearing, seconded Commissioner Magnuson. The motion passed unanimously.

Commissioner Erickson moved to approve the assessment book as prepared by the City Assessor with the true and full value set at $646,800 for parcel number 63-2900062, seconded by Commissioner Bishop.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:54 p.m.

Dave Carlsrud, President of the
City of Valley City Commission

Attested to by:
Avis Richter, City Auditor
City of Valley City

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