2.27.2022 Mayor’s Message

Hi Everybody,

  • A thought stimulus, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives”.
  • Our Chamber is hosting a Cocoa and Coffee Crawl Saturday March 5th.  See further information at https://valleycitynd.org/pages/cocoa?cid=2462
  •  Finally, a weather forecast that is quit a bit more tolerable than what we have endured the last eight weeks or so.  Hang in there as spring is nearing.  It is icy, though, so please be careful.
  • Last week I had cataract surgery, which was amazing as there was not a time during the process where there was any discomfort and the next day my vision was improved.  Sunday in church I noticed how much brighter the colors in the stained glass windows are.  Colors and whites, both are more beautiful; I am grateful.
  • While we’re in “tournament season,” did you ever wonder from where game officials come?  Interestingly they are people just like us who want to “give back” to the sports & fine arts that have been good to them over time.  For further information about becoming a sports official or fine arts judge, contact the NDHSAA at https://ndhsaa.com/ or call: 701-845-3953.
  • With our world’s challenges today, let’s pray that, “peace and diplomacy overcome anger and fighting”.
  • Thank you to contributors again this week.
  • “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”                                                                               (John F. Kennedy)                                                                                                Blessings, Respect, Kindness and Prayers,


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