5.16.2023 Commission Agenda

The City Commission Meeting will begin on Tuesday, May 16th, 2023 at 5:00 PM CT, at the City Commission Chambers, 254 2nd Avenue NE, Valley City, ND.

The meeting is also available to view online https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85322562386  or listen by calling (1 346 248 7799) Webinar ID:  853 2256 2386

Call To Order

Roll Call

Pledge of Allegiance (please stand)

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes

Approve Minutes from the May 2nd, 2023 Finance and Commission Meetings.

Approval of Consent Agenda

  1. Approve Raffle Permit for the following:
    1. Bridge City Cruisers at Central Ave NP Park- Parking Lot on June 16th and June 17th for Scholarship funds for High School Seniors.
    1. CHI Mercy Health Foundation at Valley City Eagles on October 14th, 2023 for Telemetry Equipment for the Hospital.
  2. Approve 2023-2024 Applications for Contractor, Electrician, Plumber and/or Mechanical Contractor License(s) for the following:
    1. ACB Construction
    1. Big Dog Construction
    1. Construction Engineers, Inc.
    1. CR Larson Concrete
    1. Johnny B’s Trees and Service
    1. One Way Wireless Construction
    1. Sheyenne River Repair
    1. Taurus Handyman Services
  3. Approve Applications to Block off Street for the following:
    1.  Block off Central Ave N from 3rd St to 9th St for the Sheyenne Valley Soap Box Derby being held on June 3rd with June 4th as a rain date, from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    1. Block off 9th Ave SW from 6th St SW to the alley South on 9th for Youth Baseball at Sam’s Field on: May 9th, May 17th, June 5th, June 12th, June 19th, June 28th, July 12th, July 17th and July 19th from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
    1. Block off Central Ave N from Main St to 5th St, including 2nd and 3rd St NE/NW up to alley ways, also block off Main St from Central Ave to 2nd Ave NE for Rally in the Valley on June 17th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  4. Approve Application for VC Chamber of Commerce Parade on Central Ave- from 12th St N to 4th St S, being held on June 17th at 10 a.m. for Rally in the Valley.
  5. Approve Public Hearing for Dangerous Building at 709 4th St NE

Roll Call:          Magnuson        Gulmon           Bishop             Erickson          Carlsrud

Public Comments

Attorney General’s “A Citizen’s Guide to North Dakota Open Records & Open Meetings Laws” *A member of the public does not have the right to speak to the governing body at an open meeting.  The public is only entitled to see and hear what happens at a meeting, and to record or broadcast those observations.

  • No personal attacks to persons present or not
  • No inflammatory language used during time that you have the platform
  • 5-minute maximum or as directed by the chair
  • Thank you for participating in City Government.


  1. Approve First Reading of Ordinance 1124, an Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Subsection 1 of Section 8-04-05 of the Valley City Municipal Code Related to Sale of Flavored E-Liquids to Individuals Under 21 Years of Age. (City Attorney Martineck)

Roll Call:          Bishop             Magnuson        Erickson          Gulmon           Carlsrud

2. Approve First Reading of Ordinance 1132, an Ordinance to Amend and Reenact Chapter 15-05 of the Valley City Municipal Code Related to Municipal Waste. (City Attorney Martineck)

Roll Call:          Erickson          Bishop             Gulmon           Magnuson        Carlsrud



  1. Consider Resolution 2412, a Resolution Accepting Bid and Awarding Contract for Paving Improvement District No. 126, Watermain Improvement District No. 104, Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 68 and Storm Sewer Improvement District No. 55. (City Engineer)

Roll Call:          Magnuson        Erickson          Gulmon           Bishop             Carlsrud

New Business

N1. Approve Site Authorization Renewal for Valley City Hockey and Figure Skating Club at Valley City Town and Country Club, The Captain’s Pub and the Youth Sports Complex. (Finance Director Richter)

Roll Call:          Gulmon           Magnuson        Erickson          Bishop             Carlsrud

N2. Approve Site Authorization for Valley City Baseball Association at the Clubhouse Lounge, City Lights Supper Club and Brockopp Brewery. (Finance Director Richter)

Roll Call:          Erickson          Gulmon           Bishop             Magnuson        Carlsrud

N3. Appoint New Member to Unexpired 2022-2025 Library Board Opening- 1 position; and Annual Report Given by Hilde VanGijssel (Finance Director Richter)

Roll Call:          Magnuson        Bishop             Erickson          Gulmon           Carlsrud

City Administrator’s Report
City Updates & Commission Reports

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